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Tell your brand’s story the TikTok way

Powered by performance

As the leading destination for short-form video entertainment, we know what it takes to make an impression fast. It’s a love of creativity that connects our billion-strong community. That’s why our business solutions are set up to help you slot naturally into their world. Instead of your brand story being skipped over or ignored, it can be celebrated as part of the TikTok experience.

Do it yourself

TikTok Ads Manager is designed to enable businesses of all sizes to get started on the platform. With a simple set-up process and familiar interface, you'll be able to get your brand in front of our one-billion strong audience in no time. And you can set up, run and manage your campaigns without leaving your Ads Manager dashboard.

Speak to our Partnerships Team

As well as In-Feed Ads, TikTok for Business has a host of solutions to meet all your marketing objectives and maximise your brand's impact. Whether you engage with us directly, or through an agency, a dedicated team will ensure your brand benefits from everything our platform has to offer. And once live, you can monitor and track your campaign's performance in great detail.

Creator Marketplace

Seek out top TikTok talent in our Creator Marketplace, where brands can discover and get in touch with more than 12,500 stand-out users directly to help kick-start your campaigns

  • Connect with TikTok’s most talented Creators, whitelisted by the TikTok team

  • Use data to guide decisions on who will best represent your brand

  • Work with the Analytics Tool to track and evaluate campaigns

Business Privilege

When brands reach a certain level of spend, they are given Business Privilege. This means their account will be verified with a certified blue V Badge. Business Privilege also allows brands to bring together their branded content while customising their page with a purchase link and pin-to-top videos. Additionally, brands with Business Privilege can analyse their follower distribution and keep track of content performance on a data-management platform.

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