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Success Stories

See how small businesses around the world are growing their business using TikTok Ads Manager. 


Oatsome ran In-Feed Auction Ads and tracked the progress of their campaign using the brand new TikTok integration with Shopify. Of all the customers acquired, an impressive 93.8% bought from Oatsome for the first time.


Using the brand new TikTok integration with Shopify, SNOCKS' In-Feed Auction Ads led to 150 brand new conversions with an impressive Cost-Per-Order of 11€.

Lancaster University

To promote their online open day, Lancaster University went to the platform where their audience hangs out most. By using In-Feed Ads, and on a tight budget, the university achieved 9 million engagements and over 90k clicks.

Omolola Jewellery

Ahead of Black Friday, this afro-centric jewellery brand looked to TikTok to promote their products. By identifying their audience and running In-Feed Auction Ads they achieved over 1.8m impressions and 17.5k+ clicks.


Italy's first renewable energy company promoted their event using a 15-second video in an In-Feed Auction Ad. Their 'Read more' CTA, which gave TikTokers more information about the event, achieved over 24,000 clicks.


This makeup brand ran traffic and conversion ads that simply demonstrated the use of their products. This effortless creative earned 1.4 million impressions with a 0.94% click-through rate.


With a unique and catchy song that would resonate with the TikTok community, the Spanish ridesharing app achieved 11 million impressions. As a result, Cabify adopted an 'always on' approach, continuously managing ads through TikTok Ads Manager.


To create a buzz around their brand amongst people in Italy, this pet accessory company ran targeted, scalable and cost-efficient In-Feed Ads. Across four videos, they achieved an impressive 7 million impressions and 35k+ clicks.

Barò Cosmetics

To raise awareness of their exciting product range, Barò Cosmetics ran several native In-Feed Ads. The simple creative saw a lead generation uplift of 27% with over 8 million impressions, and more than 48k clicks.

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