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How to measure the success of an In-Feed Ad campaign 

Learn how to track the performance of all your campaigns with detailed results in real-time.

We know the work doesn't stop when you finish setting up your campaign and creating your ad on TikTok Ads Manager. In fact, every marketer knows this is where the real work begins. To be at the top of your game and really take your campaign to the next level, you need to be able to monitor your results – at any time. 

On TikTok Ads Manager, we make this easy. The first thing to know is that there are two tiers of result data you can view. 

The first is designed to give you a macro overview, showing you the overall data across all your campaigns. To get this birds-eye view, it's best to check the 'Dashboard' page. 

The second reporting tier allows you to get a more micro view, digging deep into the details of each campaign for more granular insight. To get a better understanding of the performance of individual campaigns, ad groups, and ads, you can head to the 'Campaign' page. Let’s take a closer look at these two tiers:


The 'Dashboard' should be your first stop when on the platform. Stay up-to-date on the performance, ad spend, and status of all your campaigns. The Dashboard lets you:

  1. Monitor the operation logs of your Ad Manager account by clicking 'log' in the Today's Spends area.

  2. View the status of all campaigns, ad groups, and ads either 'Active' or 'Not Delivering'.

  3. Keep track of your account time zone in the time selection box. All data is shown based on your timezone.

  4. View your performance metrics broken down by different dimensions (including gender, OS, dayparting and etc.).

  5. Download and export chart data for further editing and analysis.

Measure success 7


Next step is the 'Campaign' page where you can view the minutiae of all your campaigns, ad groups, and ads. Let's take a look at some key things to consider when filtering, customising, and viewing your data here.


When you become proficient with TikTok Ad Manager, you will have numerous campaigns listed. Wasting precious time wading through each row doesn't make much sense. Click the 'Filter' button and select from different criteria in the drop-down menu to drill down and find the specific campaigns you're looking for. Easily change selected criteria or combine multiple criteria to drill down further – then save your custom filters for easy access next time.

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Click on the 'Custom Columns' button to select the most important data you wish to display, then drag and drop to change their order of appearance. Once you're all set, don't forget to save your column view for quick access next time.

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Viewing Data

Click 'View Data' under each campaign, ad group or ad to view the performance data and audience analysis.

measure success 4

After clicking 'View Data' to open the panel, you can change the date and customise your time period. Then, change your chart display by selecting daily or hourly data.

Measure success

Once you’ve selected your desired criteria from the list, TikTok Ad Manager will create an easy-to-read chart displaying all your data points. Possible data criteria include total cost, impressions, clicks, conversions, click rate, conversion rate, CPC, CPM, and conversion cost.

Measure success 2

By clicking on the 'Breakdown' tab, you can view the performance data by audience segments. Some audience criteria include gender, age, country/area, interest, network, OS, and placement.

Measure Success 1

To make sure you can quickly and easily show the insights you need to share with your team, TikTok Ads Manager allows you to export the data directly and download the charts.

Once you learn how to view the Dashboard and Campaign data, you'll be on your way to becoming a TikTok Ads Manager expert!

You can learn more about using TikTok Ads Manager here.

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