How to work with TikTok Creators effectively

TikTok is the home of fun, inspiring, imitable content. It’s a place where everyone wants to be part of the latest trend, whether it grows organically on the platform or is started by a brand. 

In this judgement-free zone, every user and brand has the opportunity to add a personal touch to an emerging trend. This atmosphere supports unrivalled levels of engagement and the rapid creation of high quality UGC.

Our range of business solutions helps brands to become creative storytellers and meaningfully engage with TikTok’s global community. But how do you get your Branded Hashtag Challenge or Branded Effect off to the right start? By showing users how to participate, rather than telling them. The best people to deliver this message and amplify your campaign are the Creators.

What are TikTok Creators?

Creators are people who have amassed huge followings on TikTok and can inspire behaviour change in others. They know TikTok better than anyone else and they’re the first people users look to when searching for inspiration.

For brands, Creators bring added value through their unique creative expertise. They understand the type of content TikTok users love – and they have the skills to produce it. This means Creators are perfectly positioned to kickstart brand campaigns. When a Creator shares a Branded Hashtag Challenge or uses a Branded Effect for example, others quickly follow, generating high volumes of UGC that can make a campaign go viral.

How can brands find the right Creator?

With interests ranging from sport and food to comedy and dance, there’s a Creator for every campaign. TikTok’s Creator Marketplace lets brands connect with trusted Creators who have strong histories of delivering results. 

The Creator Marketplace is the official platform for brand and Creator collaborations on TikTok. Offering brands easy access to more than 10,000 invited Creators in seven different countries.

Brands can browse Creator profiles, which feature real-time insights around their engagement rates and audience demographics. You can also search for Creators  by campaign objective and contact them directly to discuss campaign goals, as well as track your campaign’s performance. 

To access the Creator Marketplace, please register your details here.

6 tips for working with Creators 

1. Think like your audience

Spend time on the Creator Marketplace to see which Creators are trending with your target audience. Check out their profiles to find out more.

2. Reach out

Once you have a shortlist of potential Creators, connect with them via the Creator Marketplace. This will help you get a better understanding of their creative style, personality and suitability for your campaign.

3. Create a complete brief

Creators are TikTok experts, but you’re the expert on your brand. When briefing Creators, share as much information as possible about your brand, campaign, expectations and objectives. Let them know how and when to post, and confirm any approved deliverables.

4. Share clear dos and don’ts

Communicate any requirements or restrictions you have, including those based on legal guidelines, brand policies, timelines and creative expectations.

5. Focus on collaboration

Because TikTok is all about inspiring creativity, it’s important to let your chosen Creator’s personality shine through. Let them craft native stories around your messaging objectives, instead of requesting testimonial style straight-to-camera approaches. The result will be more natural and successful.

6. Track and adapt

TikTok is making working with Creators more transparent. You can find deep-dive analytics for your campaign on the Creator Marketplace, including engagement rates and the type of audience reached. You can then use this information to tailor your campaign and enhance your Creator partnerships in the future.

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