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How to launch a Business Profile on TikTok

Every day, a growing number of brands are joining TikTok to reach and engage new audiences. Most begin by creating organic content, which, while the simplest way to develop a presence on the platform, can still produce incredible results.

Why organic content is so effective on TikTok

Opening a branded account can give you a strong brand presence on TikTok, even before you start to maximise the app’s full potential with sponsored campaigns.

Because TikTok is built on a content graph, rather than a social graph, it gives brands the opportunity to be seen beyond their fanbase. Good content will get the reach it deserves, no matter how many followers you have. Coupled with TikTok’s super-high engagement rates, this means it’s easy to get your message out there and grow your following quickly.

A Business Profile enables brands to:

  • Add brand messaging and links to an external landing page in the bio

  • Monitor and review what content works with a built-in profile analytics tool

  • A stepping stone to getting verified and receiving a coveted blue ‘V’ tick

  • Communicate with your audience and nurture your leads

  • Promote events and brand announcements

  • Build brand loyalty and affinity over time

Launching your Business Profile

To create a Business Profile, you’ll need to download the TikTok app on a mobile device and follow the steps on-screen to sign up. Then you’re ready to get started. These tips will help you lay the groundwork for success on the platform before you boost your content and following with our business solutions.

1. Optimise your profile

Create a solid foundation by completing every section of your profile, including the bio. These have an 80-character limit, so keep it simple and concise, with keywords that people will search for. You should also add links to eCommerce stores and landing pages.

2. Engage with trends and users

Don’t miss opportunities to get your brand into the right conversations. Define quick internal processes so you can respond to relevant trends, interact with your fanbase in the comments and develop relationships with creators. Be efficient, determined and experimental.

3. Be creative with features

Posting organically lets you get to know the platform before you start running sponsored campaigns. Discover what music and effects work well for you and your audience, experiment with the Duet function and take part in Hashtag Challenges.

Define your long-term strategy

When you’re familiar with posting on TikTok, it’s time to think about your long-term approach.

As you branch out and post more videos, you might find yourself needing a bigger team to create content and look out for relevant trends. And to get your content seen by our millions of users, consider boosting it with our suite of high-impact, engaging business solutions. Click below to find out more, or get in touch with our team who can support you in your TikTok marketing.

Interested in using TikTok for your business?

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