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How to elevate your videos with TikTok’s Commercial Music Library

TikTok is a place where new dance moves, memes and musical trends are born, so it goes without saying that music is at the heart of our platform.

Many of our biggest viral hits are underpinned by a catchy hook, and the same is true for successful branded content. To save businesses the expense of royalties and licensing agreements, we created our own Commercial Music Library.

What is the Commercial Music Library?

The TikTok Commercial Music Library is a pool of over 150,000 pre-cleared, royalty-free tracks sourced from emerging artists and top-tier music houses. The library features tracks both with and without lyrics in every genre from rock, to hip-hop, to electronic, to folk music, and is growing every day, so your next campaign will never be short of a soundtrack.


Who is the Commercial Music Library for?

The Commercial Music Library is for any account that uses TikTok for marketing, advertising, sponsorships, endorsements or publicity, including official brand accounts, their promotional partners, NGOs and government organisations.

Currently, the Commercial Music Library is available globally.

Where, and how, can I use Commercial Music Library tracks?

Commercial Music Library tracks are available in the TikTok Sounds library for all users. Business accounts can only use music from the Commercial Music Library. This is to avoid issues that arise from the use of copyrighted material for promotional purposes.

The majority of tracks in the Commercial Music Library are licensed for worldwide, unlimited use within TikTok’s ecosystem, as well as sharing by TikTok users. That means you can’t use the track to create content for other platforms, and you’re not allowed to remix or modify the track in any way, but you’re allowed to repost your TikTok content on other platforms, and TikTok users are free to repost and share your content wherever they like.

Like all TikTok users, you’re free to use songs from the Commercial Music Library in all of your regular TikTok videos and ads served from our self-serve platform, TikTok Ads Manager. For reservation campaigns, however, you need to fill out an application so that TikTok can keep a record of how and where music is being used on the platform. But don’t worry, it’s a simple process, laid out below.

How do I use the Commercial Music Library for a promotional post?

(This process is only for reservation campaigns such as TopView, Hashtag Challenges, and Branded Effects.)

  1. You only need to apply to use a Commercial Music Library track when creating promotional content. To arrange a product purchase, please get in touch with our partnerships team.

  2. As soon as you’ve placed your order, you can select a track. When using the library, you can select your country and filter by genre or a variety of tags, as well as search for specific keywords.

  3. Once you’ve made your selection, send your request to your partnerships rep.

  4. At this point, we will confirm whether the track you’ve requested meets your campaign’s requirements. We’ll also check if it’s currently being used for any other campaigns and process your application.

  5. You can use your track as soon as your application has been approved. The track will be listed in the music library on the app, ready to be added to your video and shared.

Can I still use original sounds or license tracks from elsewhere?

You are free to use originally-produced sound in your content if you prefer. If you want to use an original song that is not in the Commercial Music Library, you are responsible for making any relevant copyright, usage or licensing arrangements.

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