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8 editing tools that make creating brilliant TikTok videos easy

Looking at the great content on TikTok, it might seem like you need specialist video editing skills to create it. But with our suite of in-app creative tools you can quickly and easily make videos our audience will love.

Whether you’re just beginning your TikTok journey or bringing an organic strategy to life, these tools will help you tell your brand’s story in a uniquely TikTok way.

How to create a video on TikTok

Log in to your TikTok account. Then, tap the ‘+’ button at the bottom of your screen to open the shooting page.

Hold your finger down on the big pink button to start recording. To stop, lift your finger. You can stop and start recording several times in the same video to capture different scenes or create a jump cut effect.

How to use TikTok’s editing tools

1. To add music

Music is a major part of the TikTok experience and adding a track to your video is a brilliant way to increase engagement.

To find a track, tap ‘Sounds’ at the top of your screen. This will open the TikTok Sounds Library where you will see thousands of up-and-coming tracks categorised by popularity, challenge and theme. Once you’ve found a track you like, click on it and press the pink tick. Then, tap the ‘Trim’ button on the right hand side of your screen, before dragging the sound bar to indicate where in your video you’d like your track to play. To finish, press the pink tick.

If your account has been identified as a promotional or official brand account, you’ll only be able to use tracks from TikTok’s Commercial Music Library. This is a pool of more than 150,000 pre-cleared, royalty-free tracks sourced from emerging artists and top-tier music houses. You can learn more about the Commercial Music Library here.


2. To switch cameras

Capturing a variety of perspectives or backgrounds can make your video more interesting. Use the ‘Flip’ button on the top right hand side of your screen to quickly move between your device’s front and back cameras. You can also do this by double-tapping your screen.

3. To change speed

Adjusting the pace of your video is a fun way to make it feel more dramatic or playful. You can speed up or slow down your video using the speed buttons at the bottom of your screen. Choose 0.3x or 0.5x for a slow motion effect, or try 2x or 3x to fast forward.

4. To apply a filter

With filters, you can easily change the aesthetic of your video. To find a filter, tap the ‘Filter’ button on the right hand side of your screen. You can also access filters by swiping your finger left or right across your screen. There are four main filter categories: portrait, landscape, food and vibe.

You will also see a ‘Beauty’ button on the right hand side of your screen. This button activates Beauty Mode by applying a filter that makes skin appear more smooth. This filter can be used at the same time as other filters.


5. To shoot hands-free

Going hands-free is easy with the Timer tool. Press the ‘Timer’ button on the right hand side of your screen. Press ‘3s’ or ‘10s’ to set your timer, then drag the bar at the bottom of the screen to choose the length of your recording. When you’re ready to begin, hit ‘Start countdown’.

6. To add effects

From changing the background with GreenScreen to duplicating people with Multiplier, effects can take your video to another level. Press the ‘Effects’ button on the bottom left hand side of your screen. You will see the effects library where effects are categorised into genres like ‘New’, ‘Trending’, ‘Special Effects’ and ‘Interactive’. You can preview an effect by tapping on it. Once you’ve found the effect you want to use, tap the main screen to begin recording.

Branded Effects are bespoke 2D, 3D and AR effects that can help increase awareness and engagement on a global scale. To create a Branded Effect, speak to our partnerships team.

7. To add text

Once you’re happy with your recording, tap the pink tick on the bottom right hand side of your screen. You will then see more editing tools, including ‘Text’.

Tap the ‘Text’ button and type your message. You can also use the buttons above the keyboard to change the font style, alignment and colour of your copy. To set the point at which the text appears in your video, hold down on the text you’ve created and press ‘Set duration’. Drag the bar to choose when the text will appear and disappear.

8. To record a voiceover

With the Voiceover tool you can narrate your video to add another layer to your storytelling or create a ‘how to’. Tap the ‘Voiceover’ button on the right hand side of the second editing screen. Drag the bar to choose the point in your video that you would like to voice over, then press ‘Record’.


How to share a video on TikTok

When your video is ready, hit the ‘Next’ button. This will take you to the caption page where you can describe your TikTok, tag Creators and share your video across different channels. Press ‘Post’ on the bottom right hand side to share.

Want to make the most of TikTok?

Our suite of business solutions has been designed to help your brand meet its marketing objectives and maximise its impact on the platform. To find out more, please get in touch.