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From creative guidance to product insights, TikTok for Business has the resources you’ll need to take your brand to new heights.


TikTok for Business Help Centre

Can't find what you're looking for? We're here to help. Whether you’re just starting out on the TikTok Ads Manager platform or looking for more information on measurement through to billing, the Help Centre can answer all of your questions.

Creative guidance

There are no creative limits on TikTok. Explore our tips and tricks for how to use our products in a way that shows off your brand’s originality and flair – and get results.

7 Rules for Advertising on TikTok, Flip the Script

TikTok represents an entirely new creative canvas for brands with a wealth of new marketing opportunities.

7 tips for an effective Branded Hashtag Challenge

With Branded Hashtag Challenges, consumers are creating content for brands at a scale never seen before. It’s a unique co-creation opportunity that turns TikTok users into your unofficial brand ambassadors by engaging them in an authentic way.

How to: TikTok’s Voiceover and Voice Effects tools

TikTok is a place for storytelling; a place where people push the boundaries of creativity to produce imaginative, compelling content every day.

Elevate your videos with TikTok's Music Library

TikTok is a place where new dance moves, memes and musical trends are born, so it goes without saying that music is at the heart of our platform.

The 4 ingredients for viral video on TikTok

With the latest music, must-try challenges and a highly engaged creative audience, TikTok has quickly become a catalyst for viral success.

8 video editing tools to create brilliant TikToks

Looking at the great content on TikTok, it might seem like you need specialist video editing skills to create it. But with our suite of in-app creative tools you can quickly and easily make videos our audience will love.