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TikTok teams up with Ray-Ban to launch Gamified Branded Effect campaign in Europe

By TikTok for Business@tiktokforbusiness

Ray-Ban is the first brand in Europe to launch a Gamified Branded Effect campaign across the region. TikTok’s latest innovation in its augmented reality portfolio of Branded Effects. Starting today, the campaign will be live in the Italy, Spain, Germany and the UK.  Supported by TikTok Boosted Ads to share the experience with TikTok’s 100 million strong community in Europe.  

"In a holiday season like this one, now more than ever it’s time to be true to yourself. Ray-Ban’s new communication platform, You’re On, celebrates life lived in the moment in snapshots of authentic, uninhibited joy. TikTok is a joyful platform and the perfect canvas to bring this brand promise to life" said Giaia Rener, Global Ray-Ban Brand Director.


The Ray-Ban You're On activation is a pinball experience where you control the game with your eyebrows, score points and trigger bespoke sound effects.  Styled effortlessly with Ray-Ban sunglasses and surrounded by the fluorescent visuals. The Gamified Branded Effect is available on the TikTok trending effects panel, where you can find lots of creative effects to inspire your creativity! 

The latest product from TikTok for Business, the TikTok Gamified Branded Effect, was launched after TikTok saw huge demand from advertisers in gamifying the brand experience for customers beyond the realms of what's normally possible. Through the Gamified Branded Effect, consumers can use facial expressions, body postures, or other motions to control and interact with branded elements, combined with TikTok's sound-on experience.

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