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TikTok launches TikTok Academy

By TikTok for Business@tiktokforbusiness

TikTok has launched a new educational program for marketers called 'TikTok Academy'. As part of the global program, which has been launched by the TikTok team in Poland, the platform will invite selected marketing agencies to participate in online training sessions to learn how to win big on TikTok. They will help them leverage the platform's potential and deliver the highest possible results for brands, while ensuring the best experience for the platform's users. The program is in response to TikTok's rapid growth and considerable interest in the platform among brands and marketing professionals.

"It’s a pleasure that we’ve hosted the launch of the global program in Central Europe. This reveals the great potential for TikTok to grow in the region, not only among users but also among brands. TikTok Academy program is developed with the agency partner in mind. It's not only the workshops - it's a tailored made approach to help marketers to be TikTok Expert" says Sylwia Chada, General Manager TikTok Poland and Central Europe.

TikTok Academy aims to provide robust learning opportunities to help develop agency personnel into savvy TikTok marketers. During the meetings, they will have the opportunity to learn not only how to set up a campaign on TikTok, but also get to know more about the platform itself, its DNA and community. The program provides comprehensive knowledge, delivered by the TikTok team in areas of the platform introduction, brand safety, creative best practices, product overview and application, case studies and auction ads overview.

The first TikTok workshops are already behind us. They have been organized for Httpool. "After our first round with Httpool we’ll be inviting more partners to participate in our unique experience so that together with us they can develop their competence in promoting their brand on TikTok" adds Sylwia Chada.

“We are excited to be in the driving seat alongside TikTok, as it rapidly develops into one of the most popular platforms” commented Aljoša Jenko, Httpool, CEO. "Httpool is the first partner to participate in the TikTok Academy, empowering our expert Central European teams through exclusive insights, training, and the ability to support advertisers in their TikTok creation endeavours, and therefore driving business results”.

The first live session organised for Httpool included two days of training. Httpool employees from the Central Europe Region and several other countries participated in the program. This was the first live training, while the virtual learning platform "TikTok Academy" will be launched worldwide this summer. Agencies that complete the program will receive a "TikTok Academy" graduation diploma.

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