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TikTok launches Small Business Hub in Ireland, Sweden & Austria to support SMB growth
Business Announcement18 May 2021

TikTok launches Small Business Hub in Ireland, Sweden & Austria to support SMB growth

By TikTok for Business@tiktokforbusiness

We're excited to announce that we are extending our support for small businesses into Ireland, Sweden and Austria to help local SMBs discover and reach new audiences online.

From today, businesses across each market will have access to TikTok Ads Manager and the Small Business Hub, and benefit from the Shopify and TikTok partnership, which means Shopify merchants can create and run ad campaigns directly geared towards the highly engaged TikTok community. The announcement is part of our ongoing commitment to supporting small businesses across Europe and follows the recent launch of these services in UK, France, Germany Italy and Spain.

At TikTok, we know that SMBs play a critical role in building and growing communities. They need to be heard by customers, but without the ad departments or budgets of larger companies, every euro or pound of spend counts. Our new range of support for SMBs in Ireland, Sweden and Austria can help SMBs to get discovered and connect with target audiences in an affordable but meaningful way.

Lisa Friedrich, Head of SMB at TikTok Europe, commented: "Small businesses bring a vibrance to our local communities, as well as the TikTok community more broadly. We are fully committed to helping small business owners to grow and thrive. We've seen such resilience from this group over the past year. They have brought energy, creativity and new ideas, and it's clear they will be at the heart of future economic growth. The launch of TikTok Ads Manager, the SMB Hub and our Shopify partnership in Ireland, Sweden and Austria will help local business owners to quickly, effectively and accurately reach target audiences online, and then convert that into sales."

From today, SMBs in Ireland, Sweden and Austria, will be able to:

Get set up on the TikTok SMB Hub

The TikTok SMB Hub consists of a whole host of products, guidance and tools available at the business owners' fingertips. It has been specifically designed to enable businesses of all sizes to use the platform at scale. Today we have also launched our new Small Business Guide, which contains tools, strategies and inspiration to help small businesses thrive. The Guide is also available on the Hub.

Go viral with the TikTok Ads Manager

SMBs in Ireland, Sweden and Austria will now have the opportunity to use TikTok Ads Manager to join thousands of small businesses in Europe going viral, reaching engaged audiences and growing their sales on TikTok.

The powerful self-service platform makes it easy for entrepreneurs to create and manage their own TikTok campaigns. TikTok Ads Manager is designed to help businesses of all sizes get started on the platform and make their advertising "100% TikTok".

Start, run and grow through TikTok and Shopify's partnership

Earlier this year, we also partnered with Shopify across Europe to help Shopify merchants create and run ad campaigns directly geared towards the highly engaged TikTok community.

SMBs in Ireland, Sweden and Austria can now make the most of this partnership by creating In-Feed shoppable video ads directly within Shopify, and effortlessly deploy them to the TikTok community. The partnership will help businesses of all sizes embrace new ideas, trends and insights, helping Shopify merchants to stay ahead by authentically and impactfully engaging with the TikTok community in a simple, scalable way.

Shimona Mehta, Managing Director, Shopify EMEA, added: "The past year has been one of immense change for retailers, who have had to be agile in a rapidly evolving retail landscape. Today, the way that entrepreneurs start, run, and grow businesses has permanently altered. "Brands are also having to compete like never before to get the attention of buyers. The goal is for businesses to make it easier for buyers to discover their brands. With this new TikTok partnership, Shopify merchants in Ireland, Sweden and Austria can connect and build relationships with customers in a way that can help drive long-term sales growth."

Build relationships with a huge community of engaged and like-minded businesses

TikTok is a brilliant place for SMBs to tap into in order to build new relationships with potential customers. With a diverse community of 100 million people across Europe there is an audience for every business. TikTok has seen brands make real connections with the community by embracing the creativity that makes the platform unique.

Brands can leverage hashtags such as #smallbusinesscheck(9.2BN views) and #smallbusinessowner (2.2BN views) to share their unique story and journey with others to build a community and ecosystem of support. From packing orders and behind-the-scenes tutorials to business advice and motivation for the tough times, business owners and their supporters interact with each other and prospective customers on TikTok. The TikTok community can also discover and show some love for their favorite small business using #SupportSmallBusiness (2.4B views).

TikTok has already teamed up with a number of innovative businesses in Ireland, Sweden and Austria to help them reach new audiences:


Ninepine is a Stockholm based athleisure label that celebrates the ideas of movement and mindfulness as a means to enhance our quality of life. They're relentlessly striving to craft the best technical activewear, guided by a design ethos that marries utility with modern visual aesthetics.

Kousha Torabi, co-founder, Ninepine: "TikTok's partnership with Shopify presents a completely different ball game for our marketing. As a rapidly scaling businesses, we're constantly looking to acquire customers, and through the partnership we are able to access a host of new customers we couldn't have reached otherwise. We are using the partnership to accurately measure and optimise our spending and targeting on TikTok to acquire new customers. TikTok and Shopify have already helped us grow beyond Sweden into other European markets. We recognise the value of TikTok to our marketing mix so much that that we will be working with a content creator specifically to help us produce content for the platform."



The Tyrolean start-up NatureCraft produces unique handmade jewellery made of wood, natural elements, metal and cotton. The focus is on sustainability and regionality.
The young company has already tested the Shopify integration. With in-feed ads, NatureCraft showcases their creative and colourful jewellery creations and appeal to the community.

Manuel Mair, founder, NatureCraft: "The TikTok campaign is a way for us to reach a new target group that we have not been able to address through previous marketing tools. Our products fit well with the creative and positive community on TikTok and we look forward to continuing to inspire users with our enthusiasm for local, sustainable jewellery."


National Beauty

National Beauty Distribution is one of Ireland's leading firms in the beauty and cosmetics industry. Almost a decade in business, National Beauty are the leading importer and wholesaler of beauty and cosmetic products in Ireland and now have a team of 30 full-time staff.

Kieran Walsh, co-founder of National Beauty Distribution:"Since joining the TikTok Self-Serve Ad Platform three weeks ago, it has become on of our highest traffic drivers. Of the TikTok users we have engaged with, the vast majority are new so we are getting exposure to a much broader audience base. Having gone live with our LUNA by Lisa brand initially, we have now activated the remaining brands in our portfolio and are looking forward to seeing further engagement and growth.”


Our new support for small businesses in Ireland, Sweden and Austria is part of our efforts to help ensure SMBs remain the backbone of our global economy. From providing businesses of all sizes the tools they need to thrive, to supporting local employment and investment, TikTok aims to positively contribute to the countries it operates in.

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