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TikTok for Business is open for business in the Nordics
Business Announcement10 March 2021

TikTok for Business is open for business in the Nordics

By TikTok for Business@tiktokforbusiness

Today we're excited to announce that TikTok for Business is open in the Nordics with their first office in Stockholm, Sweden. Led by Liv Sandberg, Managing Director, Global Business Solutions, Nordics, the team has hired several management positions in marketing, advertising and media, who will support brands, advertisers and small and medium sized businesses in developing their marketing presence on TikTok, and build awareness of the platform in the Nordics.

Liv Sandberg will be responsible for TikTok's business in the Nordics. She says "Sweden is a technology powerhouse, and the Nordic tech ecosystem is booming, so we are thrilled to open an office in Stockholm. TikTok has been welcomed with great enthusiasm, and we see a steady growing trend where more and more Swedes, both individuals and advertisers, are using the app to let their creativity flow".

According to Apptopia, TikTok is the most rapidly growing and most downloaded app in the world over the past year and was ranked in the top 10 of the entertainment category in the 'BrandZ Most Valuable Global Brands 2020'. The platform has also registered over 100 million active accounts in Europe.

We can also announce today that TikTok has received Gold Standard 1.0 certification from IAB Sweden, the industry body for digital advertising, in recognition of our efforts to continuously raise standards and provide the best possible advertising environment for brand partners.

“We are thrilled to have received this significant certification from IAB Sweden, and we take great pride in knowing that we meet several rigorous criteria to achieve this certification. We work tirelessly to ensure transparency for our users and to create a safe environment for brands, and this certification is a receipt that our works matters,” says Liv Sandberg.  

“TikTok is the first platform in Sweden to be certified and we are delighted to have their support in our work to create a more sustainable future for digital advertising. IAB Sweden launched Gold Standard 2020 as a key part of this vision of driving positive change within the industry. By working together as an industry, we can achieve a lot more than we can alone - upholding shared values and helping to improve the digital ecosystem for all parties, not least the end user,” says Charlotte Thur, CEO, IAB Sweden.

When asked about opening their first office in Sweden, Liv Sandberg adds "now more than ever we need content in our lives that entertains us and spreads joy. We have amazing Creators within the Nordic market, such as Elvir Aljicevic and twins Iza & Elle with more than five million fans each around the world. I am delighted that my team and I will have the please to support the development of the TikTok community in Sweden and other Nordic countries.

The current top Creators in Sweden:

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