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TikTok For Business Launches New 'For You' Creative Brand Hub

By TikTok for Business@tiktokforbusiness

Today we’re excited to launch TikTok For You, the new quarterly review from TikTok brought to you from TikTok Creative Lab, our in-house creative team. The review will form a part of TikTok's new 'For You' Hub for brands, which will feature creative inspiration based on the latest trends.

The first issue, 'For You Presents...Sound On', majors on music because, as the only natively 'sound-on' platform, TikTok does music in an entirely new way, for fans, artists, brands, and anyone else who loves music.

Here at TikTok for Business, we are committed to ensuring brands stay ahead of the latest trends. The new 'For You' Hub will be regularly updated with the latest trends and inspirations for brands, including our quarterly reviews, covering all aspects of popular culture.

Speaking on the launch of TikTok For You, Neil Boorman, Head of Creative Lab Europe at TikTok, said: "2020 was an extremely challenging year for all. But there’s also been joy, spontaneity, positivity and a tsunami of creativity - and nowhere more so than TikTok. This inaugural issue showcases some of the features, facts and trends that make the platform so brilliantly different, diverse, life-affirming, genre-bending, downright spectacular and – there’s no other word for it – unprecedented in the history of entertainment. From interviews with Andrew Lloyd Webber to a deep dive into the phenomenon of the viral dance craze, our first quarterly review will uncover why music lives and grows more so on TikTok than anywhere else today."

"More broadly, we hope the 'For You' Hub will act as an ongoing source of inspiration for brands who are looking to stay one step ahead and tap into the most important new cultural trends."

You can check out the full review here and get a glimpse of the articles included below:

How TikTok became the World's Radio Station

TikTok has revolutionised the way music is discovered online by radically simplifying it into the 15-second “Sound”. When music today is bite-sized, transformable and viral, there are ramifications for everything it touches: brands, consumers, producers, publishers and artists alike. Here Alex Rayner tracks this explosive new phenomenon in conversation with TikTok Head of Music Operations, Paul Hourican.

Gen Z to Gen T

Say goodbye to Gen Z, Gen T(ikTok) has arrived. In this article, Alessandra Mariani shows how Generation T is more of a mindset than a generation and how Gen T has torn up the rules of demography as fast as the platform is changing attitudes and behaviours.

Where Dreams Come True

Nathan “420Doggface208” Apodaca's Ocean Spray video was the best accidental advert ever, but there’s an art to making dreams between music and brands. In this article, TikTok's Tom Skinner looks at how music can move both people and products in the TikTok era.

When TikTok Met Andrew Lloyd Webber

The famed and legendary composer broke the internet in summer 2020 with his “Phantom Of The WAPera” on TikTok, but with his new update of “Cinderella” in the works, Kieran Yates finds out what else keeps him awake at night, such as the desire to redesign the sound of a fridge humming!

How TikTok Changed the World

From radical and liberal makeup tutorials to mark the 31st birthday of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, to Dua Lipa's crowdsourced music video, in the last 24 months TikTok has altered almost everything it has touched. Here we explore a few of the many ways the platform has impacted global culture.

Ellie Goulding

The singer’s “Brightest Blue” album offers a ray of sunshine in tough times, and in this piece, Ellie Goulding herself talks about the year she’s had and TikTok’s part in it.

The New Fandom

Here we look at what it means to be a fan in the TikTok era, when the “creation” – a user’s own video cover version of their favourite sound – is the new medium and metric of popularity. Josie Thaddeus-Johns tracks the rise of an entirely new phenomenon which is changing the world of entertainment.

Fraser T. Smith

Producing for Stormzy, Kano, Adele, James Morrisson and others while leading his own unique music path, Fraser T. Smith has his ear to the ground. In this article, he discusses the seismic impact TikTok has had on today’s new world of sound.

Dance like everyone's watching

Kids and teens, parents and grandparents, pop stars and celebrities, and you and me: TikTok has turned everyone into a dancer. In this article, TikTok's Pip Dunjay looks at the phenomenon of the viral dance craze and explains what makes for the best in mime-able gestures and the choreography that gets copied in millions of creations.

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