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TikTok Creative Exchange: Creative production made simple
Business Announcement22 November 2021

TikTok Creative Exchange: Creative production made simple

By TikTok for Business@tiktokforbusiness

When brands come to TikTok, they have the opportunity to reach audiences that want to be reached, to break through the noise and be embraced as part of the community. Our users value authenticity, which means that brands don't need big production budgets to see big results. But where do you find creative partners who understand the nuances of the platform?

We know that finding the right creative vendor to partner with can be challenging, and that creative collaborations aren't always straightforward. TikTok Creative Exchange is a one-stop platform to make the entire creative production process simple and seamless. Through this new platform, we aim to equip advertisers with a suite of tools to speed up the creation of high-performing creative.

TikTok Creative Exchange: Production made simple

Leading creative experts
Tap into our network of the best creative partners in the industry.

Seamless collaboration
Find the right partner, contract, and communicate with them all on one platform.

Quality and efficiency at scale
Receive high-quality TikTok content fast, thanks to a more efficient workflow.

TikTok Creative Exchange platform is a one-stop shop covering each step of the creative process to enable fast, scalable production and deliver large volumes of creative content. It enables creative service providers to produce high-performing ads, tailor-made for TikTok according to the advertiser's needs and business objectives.

The platform gives marketers instant access to a selection of the best TikTok creative partners in the industry, and enables efficient collaboration at scale. Our network of creative experts will help tailor and personalise content to improve ad performance on TikTok and drive business results.

Through the TikTok Creative Exchange portal, you can manage creative projects — sourcing, contracts, briefs, feedback, approvals, and insights — all in a simple workflow designed to generate large volumes of impactful branded content.

How it works

1. Submit your brief
Complete a form to communicate your content needs to potential parters.

2. Choose the right creative partner
Our platform will provide you with a curated list of creative partners suited to your needs.

3. Manage your project online
Follow the project, invite collaborators, provide feedback, launch your campaign and view performance insights — all without leaving the platform.

4. Launch and monitor
Load your final creatives into TikTok Ads Manager and launch your campaign — then invite creative partners to view performance insights.

Using TikTok Creative Exchange is easy. Here's how to get started.

For advertisers: Simply fill out a form about your project needs, and you'll get a curated list of potential partners to choose from. You can then onboard your chosen vendor, contract the vendor, monitor their output and provide feedback, all without leaving the platform.

Creative Exchange sign up

For creative providers: after registering as a creative partner, you'll receive email notifications when you're assigned to a project. After accepting a project, you can discuss the brief with the client, invite your colleagues as collaborators, and upload your creative concepts and outputs directly to the platform. Your client can even invite you to view performance data once the campaign is live.

🚀 Be first to experience TikTok Creative Exchange

The first phase of TikTok Creative Exchange is available to a limited set of advertisers. Join our pilot launch to access creative expertise and support on us, free of charge.

Your pilot package will include:
- Two creative concepts that lead to 6-8 new videos for your business
- Music curated from TikTok's Commercial Music Library
- Brainstorm with your partners on creative concepts and video scripts
- One round of revision after post-production
- Creative assets ready within 3-4 weeks of brief

We're looking for advertisers in North America and Europe who:
- Will launch campaigns in November-December 2021 with a minimum ad spend
- Will be flexible and fast with approvals and communication
- Are willing to be included in case studies and share product feedback

Spots are limited! Contact your Account Manager to learn more.
Terms and conditions apply.

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