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TikTok becomes official content partner of IAA MOBILITY 2021
Business Announcement09 August 2021

TikTok becomes official content partner of IAA MOBILITY 2021

By TikTok for Business@tiktokforbusiness

We're pleased to announce that TikTok is an official content partner of IAA MOBILITY 2021, the leading international mobility conference organised by Messe München.

The partnership will give our community of enthusiasts exclusive access to content created by mobility brands as well as well-known Creators from the automotive and technology industries.

The core themes of this year's event are technology, design and sustainability. We know that these topics resonate with our community. In fact, in a recent study of the mobility community on TikTok, over three quarters (77%) said they were interested in technology and over half (51.9% ) said they care about environmental issues (GlobalWebIndex, Q3 2020).

Through the partnership, brands will have the opportunity to launch products and innovations in unique ways on TikTok, and share interesting content on topics such as technology, design and sustainability, to an engaged target audience.

During the event in September, MINI and BMW will launch engaging campaigns on the platform, making use of features such as hashtag challenges and LIVEs.

"TikTok's innate creativity and joy is the perfect place for a new kind of IAA MOBILITY experience, and we look forward to connecting the TikTok community together with companies from the mobility and automotive sector. We are also looking forward to the creative and diverse contributions from brands, agencies, companies and attendees of the conference that will emerge from the partnership," says Thomas Wlazik, Managing Director Global Business Solutions, TikTok DACH.

Hildegard Müller, President of the German Association of the Automotive Industry (VDA): "At the IAA Mobility, we present the mobility of the future, which makes it all the more important for us to reach all generations. We want to use this partnership to not only present our vision of sustainable, digital and climate-friendly mobility, but also to listen, take on board questions and connect with the TikTok community."

Klaus Dittrich, Chairman and CEO of Messe München: "The partnership with TikTok will showcase the new direction of IAA MOBILITY, and allow us to make the content and themes of the conference digitally accessible to a large audience. Sustainable mobility and innovative transport solutions are key concerns for everyone, and with this partnership we are opening up new ways to get people talking about them.

"TikTok offers brands the opportunity to reach a unique group of people that is hard to reach on other platforms. This is not only exciting when it comes to new products, but also when it comes to discussing the future of a particular industry. Brands gain information about the interests, opinions and preferences of their current and future customers through direct exchange with the community," added Thomas Wlazik.

Car brands are already active on TikTok

Manufacturers like MINI and BMW are already active on TikTok. @Mini regularly posts videos and has 42,000 followers. This partnership will enable them to supplement their presence at the IAA MOBILITY conference with content on TikTok, with exclusive access to LIVEs, hashtag challenges and more.

The partnership will also see BMW join TikTok, with the brand launching its new account to coincide with the conference.

Car content on TikTok is particularly hot at the moment. Videos under the hashtag #car have more than 63 billion views to date, and the #CarsofTikTok hashtag has more than 15.1 billion views. Content on #Supercar (5.6 billion views) and #electriccar (631 million views) is also very popular.

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