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TikTok and It’s Nice That commission 12 Creatives to create TikTok idents

By TikTok for Business@tiktokforbusiness

TikTok recently teamed up with leading creative platform It’s Nice That to commission a series of creative releases that put an inventive spin on TikTok’s distinctive ‘musical note’ logo.

In an ongoing series titled Creative Canvas, TikTok and It’s Nice That enlisted 12 creatives from around the world, trained in a variety of artistic and creative disciplines, to use TikTok’s logo to express one of 12 emotions associated with the creative process; excitement, romance, triumph, nostalgia, awkwardness, craving, amusement, interest, confusion, satisfaction, envy and entrancement.


Set to a backing track created by Sounds Like These, each creative was given total carte blanche to reimagine TikTok’s logo in their own creative mode, from 3D rendering and 2D animation to photo collage and film.

At the heart of the project and its reference point was the question of how creativity informs the way everyday TikTok users engage with the app, transforming everyday moments into 15- and 60-second moments of TikTok magic, sometimes born from a single molecule of emotional inspiration.

Releasing each Wednesday over twelve weeks, the works will be presented on TikTok in the app’s TopView ad format – a full-screen, sound-on takeover that runs when users first open the app, accompanied by the Sounds Like These backing track. The result is an immersive, captivating, rolling project which showcases the full spectrum of TikTok’s creative ethos – and spotlights the huge creative potential of one of its premium ad products.

The esteemed TikTok and It’s Nice That’ artist line-up includes the likes of Lausanne-based animated typographer Kenny Brandenburger, Italian-born 3D animator Lucas Zanatto, and London-based animator Sophie Koko Gate. Zanotto’s interpretation of ‘excitement’ kicked thge project off, and was followed by Brandenberger and Gates’ respective renditions of ‘interest’. Now in full swing, the series is proving a powerful example of TikTok’s unique ability to inspire creativity.

So, if you haven’t already, download the app, and discover this world of creativity as imagined by 12 incredible creators, courtesy of TikTok and It’s Nice That.

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