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New research from TikTok lifts the lid on new consumer mindsets
Thought Leadership10 May 2021

New research from TikTok lifts the lid on new consumer mindsets

By TikTok for Business@tiktokforbusiness

As an industry, we still tend to see someone's birth year as their defining characteristic. With this, we ascribe to them all sorts of traits and behaviours which, in reality, could apply to people of all ages.

TikTok has seen explosive growth over the past year with over 100 million people in Europe now using the platform each month. While this community may seem like a diverse group of people on the surface, they have a surprising amount in common. More often than not, this goes beyond their demographic.

Ultimately, we've found that it's not our age or demographic that unites us with others, it's how we act - our mindset. In order to explore this further, TikTok commissioned a new piece of research which sheds light on the most popular mindsets within its European community. The TikTok Audience Understanding Research conducted by Clear M&C Saatchi, the growth consulting arm of the M&C Saatchi Group, surveyed 4,000 respondents across the UK, France, Germany, Italy and Spain. It looked at why people engage with certain platforms and, by doing this, identified the different mindsets people have when using different platforms.

This research highlighted that marketers need to rethink their strategies. No longer should they be targeting their audience based on generations but instead focusing on their users' mindset. Through this new approach, marketers can maximise their effectiveness by focusing on what their audience is open to and interested in.

The majority of the TikTok community fell into a combination of four core mindsets which differentiated the platform to competitors: 'Entertain me', 'Participate', 'Uplift' and 'Discover'. Each mindset category brought with it a different state of mind and therefore big implications for the marketing industry.

'Entertain me' is the most popular reason to visit TikTok. A huge 75% of people using TikTok come to the app to be entertained. People with this mindset want to laugh, smile, have their spirits lifted, and not take things too seriously.

Similarly, people with an 'Uplift' mindset want to switch off for a moment and not have to think about ‘real life’. They want happy, relaxing, satisfying content, not news, messages or updates about other people.

People in the 'Discover' mindset want a little distraction to break up the day – they have an enthusiasm for stumbling upon something new or interesting.

Meanwhile people with a 'Participate' mindset want to share with others and participate in a community. In short, they're positive and open-minded. Research shows that 83% of people with this mindset are likely to respond to branded content on TikTok, compared to 59% on average.

This research also highlighted how TikTok is among the top two platforms for positive emotions. 60% of people reported feeling positive and playful while on TikTok, and happier after using it.

Ultimately, this research shows that defining a target based around mindset rather than a demographic, and understanding what the user is truly looking for, will lead to a deeper understanding and more meaningful interaction with customers.

Stuart Flint, Head of Europe, Global Business Solutions at TikTok said: "For a long time, marketers have been obsessed with demographics. As an industry, we've long seen someone's birth year as their defining characteristic. But in reality, we are really just ascribing to them all sorts of traits and behaviours that could apply to anyone. At TikTok, we believe mindset matters more than age. With our inclusive mission to inspire creativity and bring joy, TikTok holds multi-generational appeal for audiences throughout Europe."

"Our research set out to identify the different mindsets that exist when people use platforms, including TikTok. It shows that there are clear and very different mindsets, each of these with their own unique characteristics. These mindsets represent an opportunity for advertisers and marketers to change the way they engage with people and build different associations with their brands. The research shows that TikTok is a place for entertainment and that people who use TikTok are more open to advertising than users of other platforms. This means it is the perfect platform for marketers looking to reach their audiences in authentic, creative and engaging ways."