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Introducing TikTok For Business in Hungary, Czech Republic and Romania

By TikTok for Business@tiktokforbusiness

We're excited to introduce TikTok For Business for the new markets: Hungary, Czech Republic And Romania. TikTok For Business is our global brand and platform that is home to all current and future marketing solutions for brands. TikTok For Business solutions are designed to give brands and marketers the tools to be creative storytellers and meaningfully engage with the TikTok community.

Inspiring creativity and bringing joy is core to the TikTok experience. Creativity is how our users express themselves, create trends, and come together as a community. TikTok celebrates storytellers, and we've witnessed the positive impact that creativity and storytelling brings to the TikTok community and the experience of our platform.  

Brands are an important part of the TikTok experience. Whether they are starting trends, connecting communities, or bringing awareness to critical public service initiatives, brands are creating authentic audiences built on the foundation of sharing joy. They are embracing the creative and authentic spirit of TikTok, and giving users a new way to discover and engage with the products they love.

To learn more about TikTok For Business, visit , Contact to start your journey with us!  

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