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The Key Learnings from TikTok at #OMR22
Event09 May 2022

The Key Learnings from TikTok at #OMR22

By TikTok for Business@tiktokforbusiness

After a two-year break, the OMR Festival returned to Hamburg on May 17-18 and brought together a who's who of the German online marketing industry. For the very first time TikTok was part of OMR and we were humbled by the great interest in our TikTok booth, masterclasses and keynotes.

If you couldn't make it to #OMR22 this year, here's a recap of the TikTok highlights from the past two days.

TikTok at OMR22
OMR TikTok booth & Creators

Creativity for all

TikTok is a place where pop culture is born and creativity knows no boundaries. Brands benefit from this, as creativity remains the key competitive advantage for advertising effectiveness. In our masterclass on how to create advertising campaigns for TikTok, the team illustrated how TikTok is changing advertising, from traditional to online marketing.

4 Reasons why TikTok is changing creativity in advertising

  1. Effective and creative campaigns on TikTok don't need expensive glossy productions. Authentic content that rolls with its imperfections is a surefire way to stop those thumbs from scrolling past your ad.

  2. Brands increasingly behave like users on TikTok and are perceived as more authentic. 79% of users agree that TikTok is a place where brands express their personality[1].

  3. The community rewards creativity, which means anyone can go viral. In fact, 78% of TikTok users believe that you don't have to be famous or have thousands of followers to go viral. This is as true for brands as it is for users[2].

  4. Ads and brands are more popular when the community feels like they can participate and co-create. Users are 66% more likely to buy a product when brands are part of the community[3].

Download our latest creativity playbook to learn more.

Increase brand fame and engagement with Creators

Another key ingredient for successful marketing on TikTok are the Creators. In-Feed ads that feature Creators achieve up to 93% higher engagement rates [4]. As the CEOs of Content, popular German Creators like @YounesZarou and @SaintLinh, @Luis_Freitag_ and @Jacob_rtt from the Elevator Boys and many more helped the OMR visitors better understand the platform and provided insights into their work.

OMR Keynote with HUGO BOSS

We discussed how brands can tap into the full potential of TikTok Creators in an inspiring keynote on the OMR stage together with Thomas Wlazik, General Manager Global Business Solutions, TikTok DACH/NL. For their #BeYourOwnBoss campaign, the fashion brand onboarded TikTok superstar @Khaby.Lame as their new brand ambassador. "Khaby is a real BOSS. One of his posts has a reach bigger than a Super Bowl ad. He can push brand visibility reaching a whole new population," explained Miah Sullivan, Brand Senior Vice President Global Marketing and Brand Communication, HUGO Boss.

But this was just the beginning: TikTok Creators are now an integral part of the HUGO BOSS brand strategy. The #HowDoYouHUGO campaign was amplified by 60 Creators and reached a total reach of 5.8 billion views in combination with TopView and In-Feed Ads. During the launch of the brand refresh campaign in January, HUGO BOSS became the number one TikTok brand profile in the DACH region.

OMR Creation Station

4 reasons Creators should be included in your campaign planning

  1. TikTok Creators don't just create content, they create a sense of belonging. They understand their communities and help brands build long-term relationships.

2. Unlike traditional influencers who connect people through their own behaviors, TikTok Creators unite their communities through their shared differences and this authenticity contributes significantly to purchase decisions.

3. The trust in Creators is transferable. Creators are perceived very positively on TikTok and these positive associations transfer to your brand when working with them.  

4. Creators take on the important task of interpreting brand symbols independently which gives them more relevance while also driving engagement with the community.

Download the TikTok Guide for Creator Marketing to learn more!

Commerce: From Awareness to Action

In a joint keynote with L'ORÉAL and Wavemaker, TikTok demonstrated that brand awareness and engagement are not the end of the story. The global phenomenon #TikTokMadeMeBuyIt shows TikTok fuels commerce because it supports product and brand discovery across all industries. Once the hype around a product has gained momentum, the shelves are soon sold out. L'ORÉAL leveraged this momentum for its brand CeraVe.

TikTok x L'Oreal x Wavemaker - OMR Keynote

"CeraVe gained 10 percentage points of brand awareness in just one year. Yes, we tapped into a new target audience with GenZ. And, yes, TikTok creates awareness, engagement and sell-out!" explains Anne-Kathrin Bedoy, Head of Corporate & Brand Engagement, L'ORÉAL Austria & Germany.

Together with Wavemaker, a full-funnel media strategy was developed for TikTok, combining both In-Feed Ads via Auction for granular targeting and reservation formats such as TopView for maximum awareness, picking up and distributing Creator content at all stages.

"Since TikTok as a platform brings the areas of Organic & Creator content together with the paid advertising setup as close as no platform before, we have elementary influence on the content formats and content here and can thus already coordinate best practices. This gives us maximum data transparency on relevant metrics, such as reach, throughput rates, earned media, clicks etc" summarises Ali Bazargani, Director Paid Social, Wavemaker.

What's more, the content is converting. CeraVe saw huge uplifts in Search with 4x more searches and 30% increase in website visits as well as sales uplift online and offline. In 2020, they doubled CeraVe's overall sellout.

OMR Performance Masterclass

If you want to implement a successful full-funnel strategy for TikTok as well, check out the key learnings from our masterclass on performance marketing here.

  1. Creatives are the most important lever to succeed on TikTok. Create as much as you can in a short period of time. For them to be successful on the FYP, they need to be authentic and relevant.

  2. TikTok advertising solutions are suitable for all business goals and KPIs. You'll achieve the best performance with the right formats and optimisation strategies.

  3. Measure success: It's important to measure right from the start to avoid losing potential. Optimise based on your data so that performance improves steadily.

  4. A test & learn mindset is the best way to scale on TikTok. This is a strategy that is optimised through constant learnings.

OMR It starts on TikTok

We can’t wait to see you take off on TikTok as well! Thank you so much to the many OMR visitors who stopped by our booth, chatted with us, and created content for TikTok! We had a blast!

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[3] GWI, Q1&2 2021, DE, ES, FR, IT, UK, Audience: TikTok users. Q: Which of the following describes you, compared to other social users.
[4] TikTok Marketing Science EU creative analysis Oct'20 - May'21, conducted for the UK, FR, DE, ES, IT markets.

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