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How TikTok Changed the World

By TikTok for Business@tiktokforbusiness

In the last 24 months TikTok has altered almost everything it has touched, from music, entertainment, fashion and food to influencers, branding, politics and healthcare (remember those dancing nurses?). Here are a few of the many ways the platform has impacted global culture.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

TikTok creators marked the congresswoman’s 31st birthday in October 2020 with radical, liberal makeup tutorials. Wanna join them? Redden your lips with AOC’s fave lipstick, Stila’s Stay All Day Lipstick.

Anthony Hopkins

The veteran Hollywood actor is now a dedicated TikTok creator, having joined back May 2020. Top marks for his TS Elliot readings and piano recitals. And A* for effort for his dancing and oil paintings.

Rick & Morty

Popular TikTok cosmetics creator Abby Roberts made herself resemble the creepy fictional servant Mr. Meeseeks from Netflix’s Rick & Morty using just make-up. Good for Halloween, less so for date nights.

Raf Simons

Having boosted the “Toosie Slide” song’s appeal via TikTok, Drake wore a particularly rare Raf Simons bomber jacket dating from the designer’s 2001 collection entitled Riot Riot Riot. Another of these 19-year-old coats, also favoured by Kanye West, recently sold for $47,000. Take a closer look at that jacket to see the likenesses of two unlikely recording stars sewn on in patches: Peter Murphy, the lead singer of Bauhaus, and Richey Edwards of the Manic Street Preachers.

Princess Diana

Over two decades since her death, the former Princess of Wales still casts a long shadow over the British monarchy. While #theroyalfamily hashtag is linked to 43.4 million views on TikTok, #princessdiana has 73.3 million views, with tribute accounts replaying old news footage and reworking her looks.

Da Baby

The US rapper showed an uncharacteristic degree of maturity in the summer 2020, launching the Rockstar challenge, a dance throwdown that help catapult his single of the same name to the top of the charts.

Elon Musk

Musk might be among the most tech’d-up individuals on earth, but he became the butt of countless jokes on TikTok back in May when he revealed his son was to be called X Æ A-12. Cue TikToks of X Æ A-12 eating Duracells for snacks and uttering “the Bluetooth device is connected successfully” as his first words.

Gordon Ramsay

No cooking demos for the irascible British chef on TikTok. Instead he prefers to flame other chef’s efforts. He’s particular harsh when it comes to steaks and fellow creators’ attempts to do Ramsay’s own scrambled egg recipe. But mostly TikTok’s amateur chefs appear to relish the attention.

Vaccine Scientists

Are you worried antivaxxers will ruin our chances to shake off the pandemic? Team Halo, a group of Covid-19 vaccine developers are. That’s why they’ve joined TikTok to share their work, and encourage people not to be scared of a little jab in 2021.

Dua Lipa

Can you crowdsource a music video? The British star did just that back in October, inviting creators to share cosmetics, animation and fashion tips, the best of which fed into her otherworldly promo for the “Levitating” single.

Trans Teens

It’s long been a fun, welcoming place but TikTok is also proving to be a useful platform for pre-op trans kids to raise money for their gender reassignment operations, finding the tolerant and sympathetic followers often more willing to donate here than on other platforms.


Like Beyoncé, Rihanna has a TikTok account with followers measured in the hundreds of thousands but basically doesn’t post. Meanwhile newer, less well-established recording artists who do engage with the platform, such as Lizzo and Cardi B, number their followers in the millions. Could this in-app popularity disparity foreshadow future real-world fortunes? We’ll see.


TikTok helped Lizzo turn her 2017 song “Truth Hurts” into a massive 2019 hit. She’s paid everyone back via the app by promoting body-positivity and the vegan lifestyle in her creations.

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