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Getting the most out of your TikTok ads
Thought Leadership12 August 2021

Getting the most out of your TikTok ads

By TikTok for Business@tiktokforbusiness

In the digital ad space, everyone's vying for consumer attention, and it's become increasingly difficult to cut through the noise and engage your audience. In response, we conducted some research in collaboration with Hotspex to better understand emotional responses to ads and develop best practices for future creative development.

In short, our research revealed that creatives categorised as 'Interesting', 'Inspiring' and 'Fun' were most liked by TikTok users. Read on to see how you can create content that fits into these categories, making your ad creative more engaging and boosting your campaign performance.

Be bold, but conscious

For a video to be fun, it must be cool and trendy. And to grab your users' attention, you should use bold colours rather than dark. Bolder colours were successful in achieving likes and longer watchtimes, and respondents noted that these 'fun' colours offered an 'artistic' or 'trendy' feel. Though it's worth noting that creatives that used too many bold colours were described as 'overcrowded and too bright'. So get rid of those moody, dark colours and add a bit of life to your creatives with something a little brighter.

Capture the audience

Animated creatives achieved strong engagement as they did what TikTok does best and entertained their audience. An ad that contained characters stood out among the rest as they delivered the brand message in a way that users described as 'different' and 'attention grabbing'. So, if you're going to use animation in your ads, be sure to entertain and engage your audience. One ad that used slow, static slideshow photography didn't quite get the same reception as it was 'not reflective of TikTok'.

Sustain the appeal

Most of an ad's impact is captured in the first two seconds, so think about ad length and the message you're sharing in the opening seconds. An intriguing narrative can grasp users for longer, but this doesn't work for everyone. 1 in 3 respondents thought the creative with the longest average watchtime was 'boring' and 'long winded'. If your creative runs long, make sure you're captivating your audience throughout the ad.

Comedy works, sometimes

Humour can be highly effective, when done right; the creatives with jokes that didn't quite land made respondents feel 'uncomfortable', and cultural differences meant the same creative was deemed 'hilarious' in one region, but 'gross' and 'unsettling' in another. Going for the shock factor might get you a high number of shares, but as shown in the research, it can affect likeability. If you're going for a comedy angle, think about your delivery, and how a diverse audience will react to it.

Content on TikTok inspires creativity and brings joy every day. If your ads can do that, you'll have no problem getting the TikTok community to engage with you. To see our findings from this research in a one-pager, check out our Insight.

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