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Dettol and TikTok team up to promote health and hygiene with the #HandWashChallenge

By TikTok for Business@tiktokforbusiness

Earlier this year, Dettol, the globally-recognized health and hygiene brand, partnered with TikTok, the leading entertainment platform for short-form mobile video, for a marketing campaign with a difference. Having made their move over to TikTok, they wanted to announce their arrival with impact. The goal? To educate TikTok’s users about good handwashing practices, raise awareness about public health, and make handwashing cool.

To do this, Dettol reimagined TikTok’s popular Hashtag Challenge format, where users take part in creating videos around the latest memes, trends and dance moves, as a campaign to promote good handwashing practices – the #HandWashChallenge. 

Participants were invited to create their own dance moves around washing their hands, set to a bespoke soundtrack created by TikTok and a branded banner featuring Dettol’s logo and colors. Launching in India before rolling out across nine other markets in Asia and North Africa, the #HandWashChallenge took TikTok by storm, generating over 100 billion views from over 75 million unique TikTok videos.

Dettol kicked the campaign off with a bang inviting Bollywood celebrities like Tiger Shroff (@tigershroff), Disha Patani (@dishapatani) and Riteish Deshmukh (@riteishd) to create their own #HandWashChallenge videos, as well as some of India’s most popular TikTok Creators, such as Riyaz Ali (@riyaz.14), Gima Ashi (@gima_ashi) and Manjul (@manjullll). From there, the challenge spread rapidly, creating a viral topic that spanned all demographics from grandparents to grandkids and healthcare workers to work-from-homers.

Following the campaign’s runaway success in India, Dettol rolled out the campaign to Singapore, Hong Kong, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, Japan and Egypt, creating geo-specific Challenge pages for each country, all united under the #HandWashChallenge hashtag. But their success in India told them that the fun wasn’t over yet, so they rolled out a second 6-day campaign, this time focusing on the importance of washing for at least 20 seconds, with a digital countdown timer.

By the end of the whole campaign, the #HandWashChallenge had racked up over 100 billion views from over 75 million unique TikTok videos. And as the place where memes, trends and viral moments are created, what happens on TikTok never stays on TikTok; the #HandWashChallenge spread all across the Internet, generating over 270 million video shares outside of TikTok as well.

Pankaj Duhan, Chief Marketing Officer of Reckitt Benckiser Health South Asia, Dettol’s parent company, described the campaign as ‘one of the most successfully led initiatives’ of any of the company’s brands. ‘Our campaign communication is built in a way that creates meaningful conversations to drive awareness amongst consumers. The participation by TikTok users across India has helped deliver the right message in a more engaging and interactive manner. I personally would like to encourage more and more people to join this global health & hygiene educational exercise.’

TikTok is a platform unlike any other on the landscape today. Fuelled by the creativity, innovation and collaborative spirit of its users, the entertainment platform has built its name as the place for creators to be creative, spread joy, and share authentic, positive moments. By creating a campaign that captured the moment and the imagination of TikTok’s users, Dettol demonstrated the best of what TikTok does, bridging the gap between the digital and the actual, engaging communities around the world at a time where distance is the name of the game, creating a big lift in brand awareness and global press coverage in the process.

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