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Converse and TikTok bring “All Star” energy to London Fashion Week

By TikTok for Business@tiktokforbusiness

From humble beginnings as the maker of the first professional basketball sneaker, Converse has grown to become a staple of street culture and self-expression in cities all over the world.

To celebrate this enduring legacy, Converse created the Creative All Star Series – an initiative that brings together Converse’s global collective of creatives and brand ambassadors to shine a light on local talent during key cultural moments.

Earlier this year, London Fashion Week’s Fall/Winter 2020 presentations coincided with the biggest basketball week of the year, so Converse brought its Creative All Star Series to the English capital for a huge event at Hoxton Docks in East London. Taking place over Valentine’s Day weekend, the event offered Converse fans a chance to learn, craft and celebrate the game of basketball using Converse’s iconic products as their canvas – with extra focus on the Converse Pro Leather silhouette.

But Converse knew that an event this size was too good not to share, so they teamed up with TikTok to broadcast the offline event to a global audience of TikTok fanatics and basketball enthusiasts, getting TikTok users all around the world involved in the action.

For the event itself, Converse built a ‘Creator Customisation Station’, working with big-name TikTok Creators to add their own personal touches to Converse sneakers and products, sharing every second with their followers over a TikTok LIVE stream, allowing attendees to take home one-of-one edition product to remember the event.

Alongside the Creators’ TikTok LIVE streams, TikTik worked with Converse to turn the London Creative All Stars Series event into a truly unified online-offline event. Converse preceded the event with a #ConverseAllStar Branded Hashtag Challenge on TikTok to build hype and get the community excited, inviting Converse fans around the world to customise their favourite pair of Converse in the most imaginative way possible, sharing the results under the hashtag. 

To kick things off and get the community involved, Converse brought on a number of big-name UK TikTok Creators to inspire their followers, including James Lewis (@jamesllewis), SurFace (@surfaceldn), TootyMcNooty (@tootymcnooty), and Vexx (@vexx) – and the Converse community responded. By the time the six-day Hashtag Challenge had concluded, they’d submitted thousands of creative entries comprising everything from doodled and embroidered sneakers to shoes covered in Blu-Tack or splattered with paint – and the best entry won tickets to attend the Creative All Stars Series event in London that weekend.

When it was all done and dusted, the London instalment of Converse’s Creative All Stars Series event proved to be a huge success, both virtually and physically. Max Firth, Converse’s Western Europe Brand Director, said:

‘TikTok were a fantastic collaboration partner for the Creative All Star Series in London – bringing energy, originality & creativity to the whole process. From the Hashtag Challenge in the lead-up to the event through to the creators we worked with & customisation moments onsite, they put our audience at the heart of everything and we were thrilled with the scale of the partnership, as well as the level of creativity from everyone who took part.’

The success of Converse’s event, and the way they succeeded in bridging digital and physical worlds using TikTok as the connecting tissue, provides a brilliant example of how a digital campaign can be carried through to an offline event by using TikTok to pull users, Creators and punchy brand messaging together – quite literally turning online aspiration into physical reality for Converse fanatics. But hey – they don’t call them All Stars for nothing.

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