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With TikTok, the support doesn’t end when your campaign goes live. We understand the value of clear, accurate data and make it our mission to provide it.

How we measure

Our easy-to-use 1st and 3rd party tools help you monitor your campaign every step of the way, so your brand can achieve next-level results.
Real-time monitoring

Real-time monitoring

Follow campaign performance in a simple, efficient way through TikTok’s analytics dashboard, where you can customise the data displayed by audience segment, individual video or a combination of other criteria.

In-app data metrics

In-app data metrics

Track data and download reports broken down by different dimensions like total cost, impressions, engagement rates, clicks, conversions, click rate, conversion rate, conversion cost and more.

Campaign tracking

Campaign tracking

Analyse user behaviour with the help of TikTok Pixel, a digital tool that monitors how visitors interact with your campaign, including conversions and previously defined actions set by you.

Who helps you measure and how

Together with our trusted partners, TikTok gives you a clear, accurate picture of how, and what, your campaign is doing on and off the platform.

Brand Lift

Understand how your campaign has resonated with your audience. TikTok’s brand lift studies help you analyse whether a campaign has influenced brand sentiment in the right way, at the right time.

TikTok Simplified


Use one of TikTok’s 3rd party tracking tools to understand where conversions like app install and in-store foot traffic are coming from, and how to get more.


Impression tracking and viewability

Feel confident you’re being seen. Know precisely how many times your video has appeared and played on TikTok screens, for an accurate viewability rate based on verified data.


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