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New solutions to connect community, entertainment and commerce
Business Announcement28 September 2021

New solutions to connect community, entertainment and commerce

By TikTok for Business@tiktokforbusiness

TikTok's effect on shopping trends is a powerful and well-documented cultural phenomenon —one which arose organically, as people flocked to our platform to express themselves, exchange opinions, connect and learn from each other. With over 5 billion views and counting on #TikTokMadeMeBuyIt, it's clear that TikTok's take on digital word-of-mouth marketing is here to stay. In fact, compared to competing platforms, TikTok users are 1.7x more likely[1] to have purchased the products they discover through the app.

TikTok Shopping

TikTok Shopping is a suite of solutions, features, and advertising tools that give businesses the opportunity to capture the full power of TikTok's influence on purchase decisions.

With TikTok Shopping, merchants have the option to enjoy a full-service commerce solution, wherein TikTok manages everything from product upload to point of purchase, shipping and fulfilment all within TikTok.

Additionally, brands who work with third-party partners have the opportunity to connect their product catalog through TikTok's partnerships. We're excited to have Shopify, Square, Ecwid and PrestaShop now available on the platform. We expect Wix, SHOPLINE, OpenCart, and BASE to be available soon.

Later this year, we will also launch a TikTok Shopping API, which will allow businesses to integrate their product catalogs directly into TikTok — and, eventually, include those products in their organic content.

Product Links

Product Links call out specific items within a video, so users can see a product in action and immediately make a purchase. TikTok Shopping merchants can choose to display a card featuring one or more products from their catalog in any videos containing those products. Users who see the video will be able to explore featured products easily without leaving the app. Product Links are a great tool for businesses to tap into the excitement of the For You page where users are primed for new discoveries.

LIVE Shopping

Livestreaming helps businesses to create bonds with viewers and capture their attention in an intimate way that helps drive conversions. LIVE Shopping allows brands to seamlessly integrate products from their TikTok Shopping experience into a LIVE session. This lets merchants connect with their audiences in real time and help users buy what they discover while watching a brand's stream. LIVE Shopping gives users more opportunities to learn about, engage with, and shop from the brand.

Collection Ads

To narrow the distance between discovery and action, Collection Ads allow brands to include product cards in their In-Feed Ads. When a user taps on an item featured in a card, they're brought to a fast-loading instant gallery page, where they can browse through more items —and make a purchase.

This is an effective way for brands to pull in strong engagement from audiences, and move them from awareness to conversion. Collection Ads can be used to drive traffic to a web site, feature seasonal deals, share limited-time offers, showcase top items, and promote recent launches.

By combining the ability to showcase relevant products with a fast-loading catalog experience, this new solution is a step towards building a seamless shopping experience for users and better product discovery for sellers.

Dynamic Showcase Ads

Dynamic Showcase Ads (DSA) allows brands to automatically promote thousands of products and personalized video ads. DSA generates video ads that speak to audiences’ interests based on their activity.

Dynamic Showcase Ads can be used to generate awareness and drive app downloads by promoting popular, relevant products to potential customers. They can also increase purchase intent through targeting based on product inventory and customer activity, such as viewing a product or adding to cart.

This creates the kind of curated, interest-based discovery experience that our community has come to love. And thanks to our new partnership with Productsup, it's now easier than ever for brands to integrate their product catalogs to create Dynamic Showcase Ads.

On TikTok, content performs best when it feels native to our community, which means audio, text overlays, and visually engaging clips that all work together to tell an entertaining product story. With that in mind, we designed a suite of DSA templates that follow these creative principles.

TikTok Marketing Partner Shakr will also provide creative templates and services to help brands run high-performance DSA campaigns. Shakr delivers native and scalable TikTok templates that easily connect to high-volume product catalogs.

Lead Generation

Our Lead Generation solution lives within In-Feed Ads, making it easy for users who are interested in a brand or product to fill out an instant form and share their contact information in a safe and secure way. This is a major benefit for verticals that rely on longer sales cycles, such as auto and education — and it will help to drive great success for our partners.

To ensure that Lead Generation is as fast and frictionless for advertisers as it is for users, we’re excited to announce partnerships with Zapier and Leadsbridge. These partner integrations will allow leads generated through TikTok to flow directly into the CRM in real time, bypassing the need to manually download or manage data. This fast, simple and user-friendly workflow will in turn enable immediate follow-up, increasing the chances of conversion through timely action.

Shopping is becoming more integrated into TikTok — and we're bringing products to market that make the commerce experience even better. People come to TikTok to have fun, spread joy, and be entertained. This is why we're excited to provide more opportunities for brands to reach highly engaged communities.

We're committed to pushing ourselves to build new solutions to ensure that TikTok remains a place where organic storytelling powers discovery and action. We're on a journey to make TikTok even easier to enjoy, share, and shop — and we're excited that you're joining us.

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[1] TikTok Marketing Science Global Retail Path To Purchase conducted by Material August 2021

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