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New branding solutions to measure the value and impact of TikTok
Business Announcement28 September 2021

New branding solutions to measure the value and impact of TikTok

By TikTok for Business@tiktokforbusiness

At TikTok, we've been breaking new ground in enabling joyful content and finding new ways to deliver the performance and measurability our clients' demands. Today, we’re excited to share new tools that address the needs of our partners in how they buy inventory on TikTok, how they measure success, and how they can tell their brand stories at scale— all in a brand-safe environment.

Enhanced reach and transparency

We know that for brand advertisers it's important to access transparent media planning and have predictable delivery on campaigns.

Reach & Frequency Buying
Reach & Frequency is a new ad buying type in TikTok Ads Manager that allows advertisers to book campaigns in advance with predictable, optimised reach and controlled frequency.

Eli Harris, Executive Vice President of Global Digital Partnerships and Media Responsibility at MAGNA Global (IPG), said "We see Reach & Frequency as a powerful tool because it provides transparency while building the most effective go-to-market strategies, and maximizes value for our clients. At MAGNA Global, we're driven by results, integrity, and inquisitiveness. So we're super excited to see TikTok deliver something that demystifies audience reach and cost on the platform."

When using Reach & Frequency, advertisers can choose either to target a higher volume of users with extended reach, or more impressions from the same number of users with higher frequency. Our system will then make a prediction about how many users can be reached within a given budget according to the budget or impression goal, audience targeting, and frequency setting. And since Reach & Frequency enables brands to lock in a CPM in advance, it allows our partners to plan ahead and ensure more predictable campaign delivery.

Reach & Frequency also provides advanced campaign reporting in the TikTok Ads Manager platform, which means brands can closely monitor performance while ads are still running on the platform. In short, this ad buying type brings a whole new level of clarity, peace of mind, and efficiency to media planning on TikTok. That's likely why 82% of CMOs reported in a Nielsen study that the reach and frequency buying type is the top way to limit advertising waste on digital platforms.

Measuring impact and success

When our advertising partners run campaigns on TikTok, they want to be sure of the impact this is having on brand equity and how audiences perceive their brand. They also want to be able to use those learnings to optimise future campaigns and maximise the return on their investment.

TikTok Brand Lift Study
TikTok Brand Lift Study uses a survey-based approach to measure how TikTok users feel about the advertisements they see. We send questionnaires to people who've seen a specific ad from a brand, as well as users who haven't seen that ad — that way, we can get a real sense of how content is affecting people’s perception of a brand.

Our Brand Lift Study was created with the TikTok experience in mind. Each survey is served in a native, in-feed format, which includes music and motion graphics. That way, they have the same look and feel that people expect while scrolling through their For You page. In the long run, this boosts participation in Brand Lift Studies to better serve our partners.

Plus, our Brand Lift Study can give advertisers a chance to fine-tune their campaigns on TikTok. That's because it provides them with insights and optimization suggestions based on survey results. We’re excited that we have teamed up with Kantar and Nielsen for Brand Lift Studies — so partners can rest assured that it matches industry standards for effectiveness and reliability.

TikTok Brand Lift study

Viewability Partners
We have partnerships with DoubleVerify and MOAT that help answer a critical question on the minds of many brands: Do my ads have a chance to be seen by real people? We provide these partners with campaign information, which they then analyze to ensure it meets industry standards for media effectiveness and viewability on TikTok.

TikTok Inventory Filter
TikTok Inventory Filter is built on machine-learning technology that classifies video, text, audio and more based on the level of risk. This allows advertisers to make decisions about which kind of inventory they'd like to run adjacent to, in turn better protecting their brand reputation. And to further ensure that we're meeting global, industry-wide expectations, we have aligned the Inventory Filter with the GARM Brand Safety and Suitability Framework.

Brand Suitability Tools
Today, we’re thrilled to introduce our partnerships with Integral Ad Science (IAS) and Zefr. By working with them, we'll be able further ensure that brands' campaigns run adjacent to verified content. Plus, our partnership with OpenSlate, which began in 2020, gives us the tools we need to keep TikTok as a safe place for brand partners. And this year, that partnership will expand to additional countries and buying types, including Auction and Reach & Frequency.

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