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Generating mass reach and engagement for the #OurHouse2021 campaign.

Branded Hashtag Challenge
1.7M+Videos Created

Very is a multi-category pureplay digital retailer that helps shoppers say yes when it matters most. It’s a household name with online shoppers selling goods spanning across fashion, sports, beauty, electrical and home. Its objective on TikTok was to raise awareness for its new #OurHouse2021 campaign, combining a wide reach with mass engagement in a poignant moment for the nation after the last 12 months.

Very used a suite of ad solutions to achieve its mission, spearheaded by a Branded Hashtag Challenge. Its campaign, #OurHouse2021, captured the spirit of home life and how families have come together in their homes during endless lockdowns. The challenge was simple – mime and dance your way as a family to iconic Madness track ‘Our House’. How could the TikTok community resist?

TikTok’s Branded Hashtag Challenge format is a superstar for raising awareness because it floods the feeds with unmissable themed UGC, pooling it all onto one central ‘challenge page’ for the world to engage with. The package comes with a spot on TikTok’s discovery page and a bundle of additional ads — with Very running a TopView, One Day Max and three One Day Max Plus Ads —all of which turbocharge exposure for the campaign by pushing users to the central challenge page. The challenge also utilised a 2D Pro Branded Effect to boost community engagement, framing every video in a pink Very-themed house.

Very went a step further too, placing Creators at the heart of the campaign with over 30 popular British Creators, each providing inspiration with their own entry and providing wide access to huge followings. To top it off, it used one of the UK’s best loved Madness songs as its music track, giving the campaign familiarity and instant popularity.

The challenge culminated in a LIVE, with Sophie-Ellis Bexter DJing behind the decks with her family, and genuine TikTok UGC making it onto family TVs nationwide.

The campaign was a resounding success, with over 1 million Creators taking part which led to a staggering 1.7 million video creations, earning Very’s campaign true viral status. It shows just how engaged the TikTok community was and how big this emotive and feel good moment became. 

Credits = TikTok Creative Lab | Grey | W Communications


1.7M+Videos Created

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