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Helping the German Ministry of Health raise awareness around COVID-19 prevention.

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13.7%Ad recall lift
1.5%Engagement rate

In May 2021, the German Ministry of Health launched its first TikTok campaign designed to raise awareness for COVID-19 prevention measures amongst the TikTok community. 

The German Ministry of Health partnered with agencies Cosmonauts & Kings and Intermate to plan and execute the campaign. Under the hashtag #TeamAntiVirus, the campaign utilised a combination of classic video-game style animations and real-life Creator content to inform the German TikTok community and encourage them to act responsibly in the context of the global pandemic.

The campaign was kicked off with a One Day Max In-Feed Ad and SuperLike, followed by a month-long In-Feed Auction Ad flight culminating in a final video that encouraged users to help knock out COVID by getting vaccinated. Alongside the entire campaign, a Brand Lift Study was run that highlighted the positive results the campaign had on awareness around the COVID measures amongst the German TikTok community. 

Embracing the founding principles of TikTok – spreading moments of joy and creativity – the content produced during the campaign was colourful, engaging, and seriously fun, helping the German Ministry of Health spread their message effectively to young people across the country. 

The German Ministry of Health COVID-19 campaign performed incredibly well throughout the two months it was live, generating an impressive 29.7 million impressions. Coupled with an engagement rate of 1.5% and an ad recall lift of 13.7%, these results show just how well a campaign can perform when you pair creative content with TikTok’s mission to spread moments of joy. 


13.7%Ad recall lift
1.5%Engagement rate

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