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Driving app downloads of the Yubo friendship app through TikTok’s auction platform TikTok Ads Manager.

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Yubo is a rapidly growing friendship-building app for young people aged 13-25. Since its launch in 2015, it has grown into a social network of over 25 million active users worldwide — with over 2 billion written messages and 30 million live video streams, resulting in more than 10 billion new friendships. Its focus is on socialising and creating a secure digital space for self-expression, where young people can build friend communities and create live stream discussions, moderated in real-time for safety. Keen to expand this user base further, Yubo turned to TikTok to help increase awareness and drive new app downloads.

Yubo used TikTok Ads Manager to set-up and run its own biddable campaigns. In this case, the goal was to convert views into downloads.

One of the benefits of using TikTok Ads Manager to create campaigns is that it’s a very cost-effective way to reach vast audiences. Through the TikTok Ads Manager platform, brands can upload their own creative and apply audience targeting, all while keeping close control on spend. Auction Ads are based on bids — the maximum cost per outcome a brand is prepared to pay — within a set budget per day or campaign. TikTok’s Ads platform does the rest — finding the most cost-effective way to spend that budget and targeting the right audiences to bring back maximum returns at the lowest cost-per-result. Right now, it’s only possible to run In-Feed Ads through the TikTok Ads Manager platform, with TopViewHashtag Challenges and TopView Lite requiring reservation with our Brand Partnerships teams.

In the creative Yubo used for its campaign, Creators appeared front and centre, giving its videos a native and authentic feel. It also played on the buzz of adding new friends by creating a graphical ‘notification’ video that highlighted Yubo’s purpose: to make new connections. Created in a style we have all come to recognise, it was an easy win in terms of getting the key message across instantly.

The campaign generated over 238K app downloads, achieving an impressive 13.3% conversion rate across five markets (UK, US, CA, FR, AU), and proved to be highly cost-effective. Overall, it’s a perfect example of how a brand can take advantage of TikTok’s business solutions, optimised for app downloads.

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