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Generating mass engagement and celebrating the end of lockdown with digital natives in France.

Branded Hashtag Challenge, Branded Effect
256M+Video Views
159K+UGC Entries
14%Engagement Rate

Renowned for industry-leading hair removal products, Veet witnessed a complete change in consumer behaviour during lockdown across the world: one out of two women reduced their hair removal frequency. Aiming to reintroduce its depilatory into women’s routines, Veet sought to generate mass awareness and user engagement in France, whilst celebrating the freedom of finally being outside for summer after lockdown.

Running a campaign on TikTok was a business first for Veet and so, to make a splash, it ran a Branded Hashtag Challenge. The challenge was called #EtéLiberté (#SummerFreedom) and invited the TikTok community to celebrate freedom, diversity and happiness by showing their best look. It’s tagline – “Your summer. Your hair. Your choice” – encouraged users to show a transformation for the summer, celebrating life after lockdown.

A Branded Hashtag Challenge is the perfect branded solution for delivering huge awareness, reach and engagement at scale. It allows brands to give the community a playful challenge, based on its core message, whilst retaining an organic feel. It also comes packaged with two additional ad formats: a TopView and One Day Max In-Feed Ad. For this particular campaign, Veet also added a bespoke Branded Effect that users could apply during their video to make the creative stand out.

Veet launched the campaign with six established Creators, best practice for kickstarting a campaign to drive mass exposure. The challenge's eye-catching creative focused on outfit changes and summer transformations, with the Branded Effect triggered by Veet’s signature "V" gesture.

The results didn’t disappoint – in fact, they far exceeded benchmarks. Producing more than 256 million video views in just six days, along with more than 159,000 UGC entries, the TikTok community were happy to show their summer transformations. A whopping 14% engagement rate shows the topic was poignant – so many of us have felt the pressures and restrictions of lockdown on our personal wellbeing. A brand lift study showed a significant lift in brand awareness - 19.8% - and a 36.7% lift in ad recall.

Stats overview

256M+Video Views
159K+UGC Entries
14%Engagement Rate

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