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Raising awareness for the University of Roehampton with prospective undergraduates during the UCAS Clearing process.




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536K+Unique Reach
0.72%Click-Through Rate
The objective

When the University of Roehampton, located in the UK, entered the UCAS Clearing process, it sought to reach a new audience of 18-24 year-olds. The objective was simple – raise awareness for the University and pull in as many prospective undergraduates as possible.

The solution

To meet its objective Roehampton, in partnership with agency TWENTY THOUSAND LEAGUES (TTL), used TikTok’s self-serve In-Feed Ad platform to run a suite of seven different creatives using Automated Creative Optimisation (ACO).

This is a great example of a brand squeezing as much out of its resources and creative as possible. ACO gives brands the power to harness smart optimisation, by serving various combinations of creative assets to your target audience automatically. The algorithm continually works to discover and serve the most optimal combinations that give the best advertising performance. All a brand has to do is upload its assets, set the goal and target audience, and TikTok effortlessly does the rest.

The University of Roehampton and TTL turned one ad creative into seven varied outputs, alongside four different ad texts. It meant the platform could find the right messaging that hit home. The creative itself portrayed life at the University, with current students front and centre as the ‘face’ of Roehampton. This authentic approach is what TTL likes to call ‘decision assistance’ advertising – it’s not a hard sell but a way for potential students to picture themselves at the Uni, then learn the steps they need to take to get there.

The results

The campaign was a great success, delivering over 536 thousand in unique reach and over 853 thousand impressions. It raised awareness on a vast scale, through highly-optimised combinations – all from that one creative, remember. It resulted in a 0.72% click-through rate and 6,179 clicks which, at UCAS Clearing, shows great engagement. 

Guy Andrews, Director of TWENTY THOUSAND LEAGUES, said, “Using the TikTok ad platform, we were able to initiate highly-optimised campaigns immediately. We found that the ad platform provided excellent reach and visibility within the target demographic. The level of website engagement from those who interacted with the advertising was stronger than rival platforms and led us to quickly scale up our activity. Our approach to promoting a university is based on providing decision assistance to the prospective student, and we were able to broadcast Roehampton's student voice on TikTok to a receptive audience." 

Stats overview

536K+Unique Reach
0.72%Click-Through Rate

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