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Driving awareness and sales for ‘Lip Injection Extreme’ lip gloss among Gen Z women in the UK.

TopView Lite

Too Faced is a cruelty-free beauty brand inspiring women to ‘own their pretty’ through the transformative power of cosmetics. It sought to capture the attention of vibrant, beauty-loving Generation Z women in the UK, to raise awareness and increase sales of their ‘Lip Injection Extreme’ lip gloss.

Today, time and attention are at a premium – particularly in Gen Z’s ‘always on’ lifestyle. To deliver mass awareness and drive direct sales, Too Faced created a TopView Lite which, upon opening TikTok, presents a full-screen non-skippable pre-roll video for five seconds, gaining maximum attention with precision messaging instantly.

Too Faced describes itself as ‘a serious makeup brand that knows how to have fun’, which shines through in the creative. Bright colours, dynamic motion and hologram effects bring ‘Lip Injection Extreme’ to life with an eye-catching, disco party vibe. It’s a great example of how to capture the attention of Gen Z, who are themselves a fiercely creative and digital-first generation.

With consistent product placement, the TopView Lite cleverly takes advantage of TikTok’s vertical split-screen format to demonstrate the before and after effects of 'Lip Injection Extreme’ – immediately showcasing lips before and after, revealing the product’s key USP.

The Too Faced creative used its instantly recognisable logo and style to help build brand favourability and awareness while incorporating a strong CTA to drive consumers to buy the lip gloss from the Too Faced website.

Cutting through the noise and inspiring Gen Z females to ‘shop the look’, Too Faced’s TopView Lite garnered an incredible 7.6 million impressions, 2.54 million unique, in just one day. It gained 1.3 million clicks to the product page, earning an 18.38% click-through rate – exceeding the benchmark for the UK market.

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