Italy's first renewable energy company promoted their event using a 15-second video in an In-Feed Auction Ad. Their 'Read more' CTA, which gave TikTokers more information about the event, achieved over 24,000 clicks.




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5.3M+Video views
The objective

Sorgenia is Italy’s first digital energy company, and supplies more than 400,000 homes nationwide with 100% renewable electricity. Each year for the past three years, they’ve worked hard to raise awareness for the prevention of violence against women, coinciding with International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women on November 25. This year, in an effort to reach more young people, Sorgenia decided to host a live Instagram talk with two supporters of the cause, and came to TikTok for help spreading their message. 

The solution

Starting on November 10, Sorgenia invited people from across the country to submit their questions ahead of the live talk on Instagram. And to make sure as many young people had the chance to get involved, they knew that an In-Feed Auction Ad campaign using TikTok Ads Manager, was the most effective way to reach the TikTok community.  

Together with RED Robiglio & Dematteis, who developed the creative, and M2 Consultancy, who developed the media strategy, Sorgenia produced a 15-second video to introduce their event with two special guests – DJ Ema Stokholma and Italian rap singer Ernia. The video was displayed in TikTok users’ For You feeds as they explored other content from across the community, with a voiceover from Ema that invited users to take part while also complementing the bright and engaging visuals. At the end of the clip, a “read more” call to action directed users to the campaign page.

The results

From November 10 up to the event on November 24, the Sorgenia In-Feed Ad received an incredible 5,349,842 views and recorded 5,649,335 impressions – helping the company reach an unprecedented amount of young people ahead of the live talk. 

The call to action at the end of the video also received an impressive 24,633 clicks, further demonstrating genuine interest in the campaign and its message amongst the community. 

Stats overview

5.3M+Video views

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