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Raising brand awareness with an irresistible dance challenge aimed at the young people of Italy.

Branded Hashtag Challenge
208M+Video Views
14%Engagement Rate
+13.7%Ad Recall

SEAT is not just one of Europe’s best-known car makers, it’s also the most popular amongst Europe’s young people – possessing the youngest customer base on the market. So when SEAT was looking to make an impression on the young people of Italy, they came to the only platform that could match their youthful spirit: TikTok.

If you’re trying to engage in an organic and authentic way with your target audience, a Branded Hashtag Challenge is one of the best TikTok solutions. Together with an inflatable flamingo, the #SEATchallenge enlisted the help of popular Creators,,, plus many more to announce the campaign and encourage others to take part by either doing the emulate the choreography or using the flamingo stickers.

The Hashtag Challenge was clubbed with three further TikTok ad solutions to increase the awareness about the hashtag challenge and to drive participation. First, a One Day Max In-Feed Ad showed popular Creator Giulia Penna performing the full dance to the official soundtrack, with a call to others to get involved. Just as they sound, One Day Max In-Feed Adds run for a single day, appearing as the fourth video in the For You feed.

Following the One Day Max, SEAT ran an additional In-Feed Brand Premium Ad to help drive users to the challenge page. Sound-on and full screen, this video showed the inflatable flamingo in all its glory – also performing the dance to the catchy official track.

A Top View Lite was also activated to support the Hashtag Challenge and increase participation. It was the top performer standard asset for this campaign. It worked incredibly to increase brand awareness and to maximise the reach in a premium, brand safe environment.

SEAT’s Hashtag Challenge ran for six days, but in that short time, inspired an incredible level of participation across the Italian TikTok community. More than 208 million video views were recorded, with an engagement rate of 14%. In terms of user-generated content, figures were equally as impressive – with over 146,000 videos created under the #SEATchallenge hashtag.

The One Day Max In-Feed Ad performed far and above the benchmarks for the country, accruing a click-through rate of 1.02% to the challenge page. The In-Feed Ad also surpassed expectations, achieving an impressive click-through rate of 1.43% and an engagement rate of 5.5%. 

SEAT’s campaign met or surpassed benchmarks across the board, and the high number of views, engagements, and clicks highlights how aligned the SEAT customer base and TikTok community are. A brand lift study from the campaign showed 13.7% lift in ad recall as well as 3.6% lift in brand awareness.

Pierantonio Vianello, Brand Director SEAT and CUPRA Italia, said: “SEAT is the Barcelona car brand with the youngest customer base on the market. Among them we have a strong percentage of millennials, 52% for SEAT Leon. Our brand is also linked in a special way to music as a universal language and a means of direct and free expression. For these reasons, we strongly believed in the collaboration with TikTok, a space in which the young and creative spirit and potential of the users are expressed with positivity and optimism.”

Stats overview

208M+Video Views
14%Engagement Rate
+13.7%Ad Recall

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