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Branded Hashtag Challenge



162M+Video Views
14.75%UGC Engagement Rate
The objective

Meet Ringo – Italy’s most famous black and white snack, packed with “maximum enthusiasm” and fun. The brand sought to boost awareness of its products, whilst generating playful engagement, with a new audience of snack lovers.

The solution

Ringo launched a Branded Hashtag Challenge to reach its audience en masse. Its campaign was called the #RingoChallenge, and involved different generations of Ringo consumers asking them to dance with their parents, uncles, teachers - any generation - to one of three music tracks specifically created by three well-known artists.

Branded Hashtag Challenges are one of TikTok’s best ad formats for generating large scale awareness and deep engagement. It brings all user entries together on one central challenge page and appears in TikTok’s trending hashtag list. The community loves to get involved, as these challenges revolve around creativity, interaction and fun, offering the chance to be part of a viral moment. Ringo also ran a TopView Lite and ODM In-Feed Ad alongside the Branded Hashtag Challenge to boost exposure and drive more users to the challenge page.

Ringo turbocharged the challenge with four popular Creators, setting the tone for the campaign and tapping into their huge existing followings to kickstart entries. The creative was clever, not least because it utilised influential musicians and their tracks created for Ringo but also because it gave users the choice of three. It also harnessed an existing TikTok trend – dance routines – and encouraged the community to get creative with someone in their network. The ultimate feel-good challenge.

The results

The campaign hit its target and then proceeded to blow past benchmarks. It generated a whopping 162 million video views and 157,000 video creations – proof that the community eagerly rose to the challenge and enjoyed getting creative with its favourite biscuit. More proof? A 14.75% engagement rate, alongside over 24 million interactions (likes, comments, shares). That’s a lot of love for Ringo – and certainly “maximum enthusiasm.”

Stats overview

162M+Video Views
14.75%UGC Engagement Rate

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