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Turbocharging awareness and participation of the Red Bull Dance Your Style competition – globally.

Branded Hashtag Challenge
Consumer Package Goods (CPG)
7B+Total Video Views
1M+Unique Creators
14.94%UGC Engagement Rate

Red Bull has historically leveraged innovative video platforms to connect with fans and share inspirational stories. TikTok’s unique feature set and abilities to reach new audiences at scale resonates well with how Red Bull approaches building digital relevancy. Red Bull has doubled-down on the platform the past few years and has seen explosive growth across the platform globally and locally.

In this instance, Red Bull’s objective was to raise awareness as well as entries into its annual Red Bull Dance Your Style competition, which in 2020 was solely hosted on TikTok. The two were a perfect match.

To achieve its mission, Red Bull ran a Branded Hashtag Challenge on a global scale. The challenge, aptly named #RedBullDanceYourStyle, was simple – it asked users to show off their best dance moves in a throw down to the competition; 8 finalist dancers were chosen by a selected jury, and then had the opportunity to compete against 8 wildcard dancers to dance their way to the World Final 2021, with the audience ultimately deciding the winner.

A Branded Hashtag Challenge is built for wide reach and mass exposure, with Official Videos kicking off proceedings and all user entries then being pooled into one ‘Challenge Page’ that includes an external link and description. The challenge sits with TikTok’s trending hashtag list and is supported by a suite of additional ads that drive users to the challenge. Red Bull chose a mix of TopView, TopView Lite, One Day Max In-Feed Ads and a suite of regular In-Feed Ads. Compounding this discoverability, Red Bull also worked with 23 popular Creators across the world to kickstart the campaign, giving access to an immediate following in the millions.

This gave the challenge a truly global feel, with entries coming in from every corner of the globe. But it was also easy to enter, the creative concept tapping into one of TikTok’s biggest trends: dancing. Set to a Black Eyed Peas hip-hop soundtrack, the focus was all on the dancer and, with so many incredible dance moves, style and routines to choose from, it’s no wonder this campaign lit up the feed.

The campaign was an incredible success, driving over 7 billion video views across the world and capturing the attention of over 1,000,000 unique creators, all submitting their own dance styles. All of the campaign’s additional ads achieved impressive click-through-rates and helped to light a spark within the TikTok community, which lapped this up – it saw a volume of creativity at a level only reserved for truly viral moments. It drove a rocketing engagement rate of 14.94% too, as users watched, copied and were entertained by the world’s dance moves in unison. How’s that for setting the stage?

Stats overview

7B+Total Video Views
1M+Unique Creators
14.94%UGC Engagement Rate

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