Omolola Jewellery

Ahead of Black Friday, this afro-centric jewellery brand looked to TikTok to promote their products. By identifying their audience and running In-Feed Auction Ads they achieved over 1.8m impressions and 17.5k+ clicks.




TikTok Ads Manager, In-Feed Ads



0.95%Click-Through Rate
The objective

Omolola Jewellery (@omololajewellery) is a UK-based boutique with a passion for afro-centric jewellery. Ahead of the Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales in 2020, they came to TikTok for help promoting their brand and products to a young UK audience.

The solution

Using TikTok Ads Manager to oversee their campaign, Omolola targeted a specific group of UK females with three compelling In-Feed Auction Ads to promote their seasonal sale. By allowing you to control the costs of your campaign through TikTok Ads Manager, In-Feed Auction Ads can reach the right audiences for the most efficient spend. All you have to do is set your targets, then let the platform’s sophisticated algorithm find the best way to reach the campaign’s goal. 

Omolola Jewellery used TikTok Ads Manager to set up and run its own biddable ad campaigns for the sale videos, with the main focus on converting views into website visits. Through beautiful creative highlighting the jewellery being worn by models, the ads gave TikTokers an enticing glimpse of the products directly in their For You feeds, accompanied by highly convincing sales messaging.

The results

Running from November 27 to December 1, the Omolola ads performed incredibly well, giving the small boutique a big push over the festive sale period. The three In-Feed Auction Ads delivered 1.8 million impressions across the weekend, and received almost 20,000 clicks – translating into an impressive CTR of 0.95%. 

“TikTok has opened up a new way to connect with potential customers on a more engaging and personal level. The videos on TikTok are more organic and therefore feel more authentic, which allows us to connect with our customers in a very meaningful way,” said a representative from Omolola. “The Black Friday campaign was particularly good as the CPC and CPM was much lower than other marketing platforms. Thanks to the Ads Manager, we were able to utilise our marketing budget in a way that was most effective for us, which is especially important as a small business. Our next step on TikTok is to continue to build our following while creating more authentic videos. We also hope to work with a few TikTok influencers in the future.”

Stats overview

0.95%Click-Through Rate

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