NatWest + Royal Bank of Scotland

Promoting the NatWest and Royal Bank Student Account and the incentives offered alongside it, in England, Wales and Scotland.




In-Feed Ads



5.57%Engagement Rate
1.13%Click-Through Rate
The objective

NatWest and Royal Bank of Scotland are two of the biggest names in UK retail banking. Ahead of the new academic year, the group were looking to promote their Student Account to young people across England, Wales, and Scotland, as well as the choice of one of three incentives that accompany opening an account.

The solution

When you’re trying to reach a specific group in an organic way, In-Feed Ads offer the perfect solution. Targeted, scalable, and cost efficient, In-Feed ads allow you to place a video within a user’s personalised ‘For You’ feed so they appear natively alongside other user-generated content with a short description or call to action. 

These ads can be created through TikTok Ads Manager, and can be targeted by variables such as operating system, gender, age, network, location, device and interest, and by more than 500 industrial category labels. In-Feed Ads can also be set to target custom and lookalike audiences, and be optimised towards conversion goals – for example, an app download or a click-through to a landing page. 

For NatWest and Royal Bank of Scotland, In-Feed Ads were the ideal solution to reach their student audience. Running from July 27 to September 20 and targeted at 18-24 year olds, there were three ads focused on the incentives available alongside the Student Account. Engaging creative videos depicted the incentives in a light-hearted, relatable way, comprising of a year-long Amazon Prime Student subscription, a National Express Coachcard, and a four-year tastecard, all in a sound-on and full screen environment.

The results

The NatWest and Royal Bank of Scotland In-Feed Ads were incredibly successful, reaching huge numbers of students and driving thousands of clicks to the sign-up page. Running for close to eight weeks, the most popular ad – depicting the Amazon incentive – generated almost 7 million impressions, while all three ads yielded an impressive overall engagement rate of 5.57%.

Karen Penney, Head of Everyday Banking Marketing:

“In a challenging time, within a challenging market we launched the promotion of our Student Account for new and prospective students. To ensure that we were able to find and speak to the right people in the right way, we identified TikTok as a growing platform whose audience fit well with our objective of reaching to 18-24 year olds. As the first Financial services client of TikTok’s we were extremely happy with the reach and engagement metrics achieved, which were the KPI’s for this part of the campaign, this was amplified by our creative use of the full screen video format of in-feed ads.”

Stats overview

5.57%Engagement Rate
1.13%Click-Through Rate

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