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Denmark, Norway, Sweden, UK, Germany, Multi-market
Spark Ads
Consumer Package Goods (CPG)
23%Complete View Through Rate
1.6%Like Rate

NATURLI’ is an organic, plant-based, and sustainable food producer based in Denmark. It wanted to raise brand awareness and consideration for it’s products and so the brand came to TikTok for an exciting campaign in partnership with the social media agency Kubbco.

Looking to expand its audience reach, NATURLI’ and Kubbco set up a number of Spark Ads using TikTok Ads Manager and targeting a number of countries including Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Germany and the UK. Spark Ads is a native ad format that allows businesses to promote their own popular content or the content of other Creators as TopView or In-Feed Ads. The ads offer a swathe of interactive features, including the ability to follow the creator using the “+” button or swipe left to visit their profile, and a call-to-action button that leads to an external landing page for maximum ROI. 

Keeping the creative completely native to TikTok, NATURLI’ showcased a range of the plant-based food products, using fun music, voice over and text overlay to show the delicious ways they could be consumed.

NATURLI’ and Kubbco used Spark Ads perfectly – utilising user-generated content to reach their target audience in a totally authentic way. As a result of their seriously native feel, the campaign saw a complete view-through rate of 23% and a like rate of 1.6%, while also seeing a cost per mile of 8.2 DKK, beating all benchmarks. 

Michael Pilgaard, Marketing Director at NATURLI’ foods, said: “We want to make change easy and fun! Through humor and lots of energy we want to show our audience that it has never been easier to switch to a plant-based diet, without compromising good taste! TikTok is the perfect platform to make lighthearted communication and it allows us to test different types of content and see how each performs. With TikTok we’re able to reach a brand new audience, which is only a bonus. We’ve seen great results on our videos and have been able to reach a huge audience previously out of our reach.”

Stats overview

23%Complete View Through Rate
1.6%Like Rate

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