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47%Below average CPM
The objective

MyFamily is an Italian pet accessory company based in Valenza. Starting life in 2010, they now supply their hand-enameled ID tags to pet owners all over the world. To generate more awareness around their product range and drive traffic to their website, they came to TikTok for help creating a buzz around their brand amongst people in Italy.

The solution

To match their diverse product range, MyFamily deployed four separate In-Feed Ads using TikTok Ads Manager. 

Targeted, scalable, and cost efficient, In-Feed Ads allow brands to place their videos within a user’s personalised For You feed so they appear natively alongside user-generated content. Sound-on and full screen, they can be accompanied by the brand name and a short description or call to action to click through.

These ads can be created on TikTok’s auction platform, and can be targeted by variables such as operating system, gender, age, network, location, device and interest, as well as more than 500 industrial category labels.  

For MyFamily, each of their four ads served as an opportunity to tell the story of their unique products. From personalised ID tags to smart harnesses, collars and leashes, the videos showcased each category in relatable, real-world scenarios.

The results

With their attractive and eye-catching videos, MyFamily’s campaign integrated seamlessly into users’ For You feeds, providing authentic exposure to their target audience in Italy. Across all four videos, an impressive 7+ million impressions were recorded, driving 35,000+ clicks to the MyFamily website. 

For a young brand exploring a new target audience, TikTok Ads Manager gave MyFamily total control over their campaign, and returned an average CPM 47% lower than other leading platforms.

Stats overview

47%Below average CPM

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