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Boosting awareness and spiking sales while testing TikTok as a new channel in the marketing mix.

Spark Ads
68.32%Conversion Rate
42%6s Views Increase

Motel Rocks is an established brand within the fashion space selling to the hottest wardrobes around the globe. The brand sought to test TikTok as a new channel, while driving awareness and boosting sales.

Motel Rocks used one of TikTok’s new ad formats – Spark Ads. Whilst working with a popular Creator, Motel Rocks were able to create authentic, organic content that was then repurposed for ads to run in the For You feed. The ads leveraged trending sounds on TikTok with the Creator wearing a selection of Motel Rocks ‘garms’. It made for a truly native experience the community would go on to love.

Plugging the gap between traditional ads and organic smash hits, Spark Ads boost native videos as either TopView or In-Feed Ads to a highly targeted audience, from the brand’s own content or a collaborating Creator. Inside the ad, users can follow the creator directly by tapping the “+” button or swipe left to view their profile. And a CTA button drives users to an external landing page to explore more.

The campaign was a roaring success, driving a huge 68.32% conversion rate – completely smashing benchmarks. It also increased Motel Rocks’ 6-sec views by 42% and, overall, delivered a 12x return on ad spend for discount code sales over the period.

Barney Brown, Digital Marketing Consultant at Motel Rocks and Director of Multi-Digital, said: "The TikTok Spark Ad format has provided the perfect canvas to showcase and leverage the Motel Rocks product in an organic, authentic way, which has therefore equaled some enviable results. Sales revenue increased by 10% over the campaign period, and consequently, boosting in-feed Creator content has now become an integral part of our Paid Social Strategy on the platform.” 

Stats overview

68.32%Conversion Rate
42%6s Views Increase

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