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Testing a new ad format to increase consideration in the UK for Mallows Beauty.

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36.9%Check-out after ATC

Mallows Beauty is a UK beauty brand that promotes body positivity alongside its vegan beauty and skincare products. Given the brand’s strong organic presence on TikTok, Mallows Beauty, in partnership with Populate Social, aimed to leverage one of TikTok’s new ad formats - Collection Ads - to find new customers and drive consideration. 

Collection Ads are the perfect ad format for sellers looking to showcase their products, generate attention and give the option to seek out more information, all while driving users through the purchase journey quickly. Appearing in the For You feed as an In-Feed Ad, Collection Ads are enhanced with an interactive card and instant storefront page, allowing users to browse a curated product gallery. 

By targeting a lookalike audience of users who had clicked on ads from a previous campaign, Mallows Beauty was able to reach similar users at scale and grow its customer base. The Collection Ads showcased the brand’s products through order packaging and spotlights, and included an interactive card offering a discount to users who clicked through to the storefront page. 

The Mallows Beauty Collection Ad campaign was a huge success, with a 2X increase in click-through rate and a 60% lower cost-per-click (at just £0.04), compared to previous campaigns. Furthermore, users who engaged with the ads showed stronger purchase intent; nearly 37% of users proceeded to checkout after clicking add-to-cart, a massive 13% increase from previous campaigns. 

James Hamilton, Populate Social said "Collection ads delivered traffic with an extremely high intent from a cheap CPM which increased revenue for our client.

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36.9%Check-out after ATC

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