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Introducing the TikTok community to M.A.C’s brand new liquid lipstick range while celebrating self-love.

In-Feed Ads, TopView, Branded Effect
1.8MUsers Reached
3.7%Lift in Purchase Intent
6.08%Engagement Rate

A leader in the beauty space, it should be no surprise to find M.A.C leveraging success on TikTok. To celebrate the launch of the new Love Me Liquid Lipcolour, the brand collaborated with both TikTok and Spotify in a truly innovative and integrated multi-media campaign, while making users feel great about themselves in the process.

M.A.C partnered with TikTok’s Creative Lab to launch the campaign #LoveMeMode and took the love story of being your unapologetic authentic self one step further – by introducing a whole new universe of opportunities to celebrate YOU. To bring to life the self-empowering concept behind the campaign, M·A·C leveraged beauty’s new ‘It’ platform TikTok to create an engaging AR Branded Effect that asked the community to show their true selves by showcasing 4 Love Me Liquid Lipcolour shades whilst giving statement affirmations of self-love. The campaign was supported by a TopView Ad and an In-Feed Ad where the community could click through to try the Branded Effect to encourage participation in the campaign.

M.A.C used a combination of two well-known Creators as well as the ‘M.A.C Crew and Artists’ to kickstart the campaign and pull users in. It also partnered with music streaming giant Spotify to add an interactive dimension to the campaign, creating three inspirational and mood-boosting playlists on the platform and using an additional set of In-Feed Auction Ads to send them there. In return, Spotify ran Video Takeover Ads and Companion Banner Ads to punt music streamers right back. 

The results over-delivered at every turn, and the community took to the campaign by storm, reaching over 1.8 million unique users and raking in over 174,000 video views. The ads received an overall engagement rate of 6.08%, showing just how much the community loved using M.A.C’s bespoke lip colour filter. In fact, over 14,000 users also clicked through to listen to M.A.C’s playlists on Spotify and a brand lift study also showed a whopping 3.7% lift in purchase intent. 

Fiona Sainty, Vice President General Manager of M·A·C UK & Ireland says, “This is a pioneering partnership for the brand. A first in the category, it allows customers to have fun with self-expression and colour in a social and mobile-first way that spans multiple platforms.”

Stats overview

1.8MUsers Reached
3.7%Lift in Purchase Intent
6.08%Engagement Rate

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