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Generating huge reach and awareness for KFC’s product range and current offers.

In-Feed Ads
Food & Beverages
7.2M+Users Reached
1.6Average Frequency

KFC, the fried chicken fast food giant, has long been an advocate for moving the needle fast with ads on TikTok and, this time, its objective was broad: Raise awareness for its vast product line-up and taste-tingling offers.

KFC is no stranger to running In-Feed Ads on TikTok. For this campaign, the brand used TikTok’s new Reach & Frequency buying method to run a suite of mouth-watering ads. Reach & Frequency allows brands to book their campaigns in advance with predictable, optimised reach while controlling the number of times a user gets exposed to an ad. Once a brand inputs its parameters, TikTok is able to predict the number of users a brand will reach, thereby guaranteeing a fixed CPM and predictable campaign success.

In-Feed Ads sit natively in the For You feed, gaining traction with eye-catching content, while being shown to the right people through TikTok’s precision audience targeting. Combine this with a specific objective and your campaign efficiency skyrockets, delivering maximum effectiveness at eye-popping low costs. In-Feed Ads also contain an external link that pushes the community to a page of the brand’s choosing to continue their journey.

Showing chunky text over bold pops of colour, along with tasty product shots, KFC was able to concisely and clearly show off its range of tasty products combined with tempting offers. If they weren’t hungry before, they are now.

The campaign was a finger-licking success, delivering more than 14.9 million impressions and reaching over 7.9 million users. Fried chicken aside, the ads performed perfectly against their objective, generating massive reach and, on average, displaying 1.6 times to every user, the optimised amount of times based on the brand’s Reach & Frequency parameters. This goes to show how effective a pointed objective can be when combined with attention-grabbing creative.

Jack Rodriguez, Digital Marketing Officer, KFC: “Our focus at KFC is to constantly improve and optimise our campaigns, so we are very happy that we were able to work with TikTok on this goal with the new reach & frequency buying method. We will implement this new method in our business as usual in the future.”

Stats overview

7.2M+Users Reached
1.6Average Frequency

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