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Generating awareness and engagement for Kesko’s K-Plussa customer loyalty program amongst a young Finnish audience.

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From groceries to construction, Finland’s Kesko is a formidable group of companies – with more than 1,200 K-food stores operating in Finland alone. To raise awareness of their K-Plussa customer loyalty program amongst students across the country, Kesko came to TikTok to create a lighthearted and engaging campaign that would help spread their message far and wide.

When you’re looking to reach a large audience quickly, TikTok's In-Feed Brand Premium Ads provide a great solution in a format that’s hard to miss. Appearing randomly for users amongst the first 130 videos displayed on their ‘For You’ feed, In-Feed Ads are immersive, sound-on experiences that merge perfectly with the TikTok experience. What’s more, brands can set the ad’s targeting options by age, gender, and much more. 

For Kesko, they created a series of lighthearted In-Feed Brand Premium Ads that showed a young man making the most of dull situations, at which point an elder asks: “Don’t you think it’s time to grow up?” To which the young man responds: “never”. 

Packed with humour and a perfect match for the TikTok environment, the videos showed a fun side to the brand, and proved to be a big hit with the community.

The Kesko In-Feed Brand Premium Ads performed brilliantly, spreading awareness for the brand to a new audience through a fun and lighthearted video series. 

The ads themselves generated more than 2.3 million impressions with a reach of 343,000, while driving an impressive 26,000 clicks (1.13% CTR). Overall, the campaign produced an enviable engagement rate of 5.34% – well within the benchmark for this type of ad.

Combining fun, short content with a high brand presence worked incredibly well for Kesko –  a fact clearly demonstrated by the strong results and high average watch time of 25.05 seconds per user. They now have a strong TikTok base for future activations, and will have spread their brand to thousands of new customers across the country.

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