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Using engaging content to recruit a new wave of graduates into its customer service team.

In-Feed Ads, TikTok Ads Manager
0.12 EURCost-Per-Click

KBC is a Belgian multi-channel bank-insurer headquartered in Brussels, focused on private clients and SMEs. Its mission is to help clients realise their dreams. Of course, to do that it needs a team of passionate customer service personnel – billed as its KBC Live department – to run the show. KBC's objective on TikTok was to recruit new grads to fill this team.

KBC needed a campaign that made working at a bank look fun and to reach their all important target market of recent graduates, they partnered with So Buzzy to run an In-Feed Ad campaign on TikTok. 

Using TikTok’s Ads Manager campaign objectives, KBC created a traffic-led campaign in collaboration with popular Creator @afrobelg. The ad led users to KBC’s career website, whilst its creative made working in the KBC Live team look fun through @afrobelg’s skits and parodies, sat natively in the 'For You' feed as In-Feed Ads do so well.

KBC ran this campaign for about four weeks, allowing TikTok’s algorithm to control the spend, optimise and build the best result possible.

The campaign hit its objective with sheer volume, generating over 28,000 clicks to the career website. It also only cost KBC just 0.12 EUR per click, as the algorithm found how to squeeze as much out of the budget as possible. Whilst engagement wasn’t an objective, the ad drove an impressive 0.53% CTR and over 24,000 likes, showing how well the creative connected with the TikTok community. 

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0.12 EURCost-Per-Click

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