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Supercharging brand awareness through the power of dance with Gen Z digital natives in Italy

Branded Hashtag Challenge
124M+Video Views
127K+Videos Created
12.96%Engagement Rate

“Furla stands for quality, colourful creativity, joyfulness and a Contemporary Italian Lifestyle” – focused on elegant design mixed with modern creativity, this is an Italian fashion brand keeping up with the times. When it sought to connect with Gen Z in Italy to turbo-charge brand awareness, what better place than TikTok?

Furla ran a Branded Hashtag Challenge, an ad format offering the perfect balance between creating mass exposure and community engagement, allowing brands to reach millions of users ready to express their creativity. For this campaign, Furla created the #FurlaDance challenge – users had to replicate dance moves to a bespoke and catchy soundtrack.

Showcased by established TikTok Creators with a combined following of 7.5M+ followers (@marta.losito, @valevedovatti, @ceciliacantarano and @ambra.cotti), the challenge’s Official Videos were colourful, fun to replicate and elegant to watch – representing many of Furla’s brand values. It collaborated with hugely popular web star Elisa Maino (@majno), who is followed by over 5M+ fans on TikTok, to launch the #FurlaDance. By spearheading the challenge with well-known Creators like Elisa, Furla was able to kickstart its campaign through their large combined followings, as well as spark UGC creativity. 

Revolving around a highly-discoverable ‘challenge page’, a Branded Hashtag Challenge pools UGC entries in one place, alongside a description and external link. A brand banner and trending hashtag on the Discover page both push users to this page, with boosted exposure from additional ads. Alongside the campaign, Furla ran a TopView ad – which dominates the entire screen upon opening the app – and a One Day Max In-Feed Ad, which runs seamlessly in the ‘For You’ feed and provides a guaranteed burst of high-visibility, organic exposure.

The campaign created a viral moment both the brand and fans could share, with 124M+ video views coming from 127K+ entries – once again showing the TikTok community’s creative spirit (and appetite for dancing). Furla’s TopView ad generated a sensational 13M+ impressions, smashing expectations, and the campaign’s overall engagement rate was a huge 12.96%. Furla threw down the gauntlet, and the community responded in spades.

Stats overview

124M+Video Views
127K+Videos Created
12.96%Engagement Rate

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