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Helping Italian cleaning machine producer Floorwash promote its products and identify a new audience in Italy.

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10XReturn on ad spend

Floorwash is one of Europe’s leading cleaning machine suppliers, with a reputation for innovation and Italian craftsmanship. When it came to promoting its battery powered floor cleaner – the FB25 – Floorwash came to TikTok to engage with a new audience in Italy using one of TikTok’s latest ad solutions. 

Floorwash decided to promote its cleaning machines using Lead Generation – a newly-released TikTok solution designed to help businesses reach customers and drive conversion with ease. By encouraging the TikTok community to complete a short form and provide their information (e.g. Name, Email, Phone, Address), where basic information is pre-filled, brands can identify and cultivate potential customers – without ever leaving TikTok. 

The Floorwash ad appeared as an In-Feed Ad in users’ For You feeds, and featured detailed footage of their FB25 in action, at the same time as displaying further information about the unit’s superior capabilities. A ‘Learn more’ call to action then generated a form that collected users’ basic information. To round off the creative, an upbeat instrumental piece of music provided the perfect soundtrack.

Running for a little more than two weeks, the Floorwash Lead Generation campaign was a huge success. Not only did the campaign deliver a total reach of more than 615,000, but the return on ad spend for the brand came in at an impressive 10X, showing a strong reception from the Italian TikTok community. 

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10XReturn on ad spend

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