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11.35%6s View Through Rate

​In less than a decade, Fairfax & Favor has grown into a multi-award-winning brand at the forefront of British luxury fashion. To boost the brand’s profile across UK & Ireland, Fairfax & Favor and their agency, Lane Media, came to TikTok for an engaging awareness campaign. 

Fairfax & Favor wanted to generate more authentic content by using the most native In-Feed Ad format we offer: Spark Ads. Spark Ads enable businesses to boost their own organic posts or the content of other Creators as TopView or In-Feed Ads placed in the For You feed among user generated content. 

Partnering with Creators to generate humorous and eye-catching videos, the brand was able to produce a series of native-feel ads that fit perfectly within the TikTok environment. 

The Fairfax & Favor campaign used Spark Ads perfectly – utilising user-generated content to reach their target audience in a totally authentic way. As a result of their seriously native feel, user engagement with the ads was super impressive – generating a click through rate of 0.92%. Equally impressive were the cost metrics for the campaign, with a cost per mille of just £1.04 and a cost per click of £0.11.  

Stats overview

11.35%6s View Through Rate

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