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Reaching and acquiring thousands of new customers by showing how easy tax returns can be on TikTok.

Spark Ads
1.4%Conversion Rate
3.36 EURCost per Mille
1.02 EURCost per Click

ExpressSteuer aims to simplify tax returns for everyone, reducing its time-consuming processes to mere minutes, in Germany. It came to TikTok to reach and acquire a new set of customers and empower them to claim their tax refund, no fuss, no trouble.

Maximilian Lambsdorff, CEO & Co-Founder of ExpressSteuer: "As a new brand with a product that brings substantial value to the user but is challenging to explain, we identified TikTok early on as the perfect place to communicate our value proposition to potential customers. In TikTok we found a fast growing ad platform that strongly rewards innovative, bold and fresh marketing strategies with which we outperformed the competition to a great extent."

With strategic and operational support from their online marketing agency VOGGSMEDIA, ExpressSteuer used Spark Ads to deliver on its objective. Creating a suite of ads, it used a mix of screen-based tutorials to show off its product and creators in-screen to guide users through the benefits of using ExpressSteuer’s platform. For diversity ExpressSteuer used a variety of different creators through VOGGSMEDIA's creator program - everything between young students and stay-at-home-moms performed very well and showed that TikTok is not only a platform for the younger generation.

Furthermore, the agency’s content triangle method combined video creatives from their own inhouse advertisers, ExpressSteuer’s staff and the aforementioned dedicated creators. This provided a wide array of creative material that enabled a continuous flow of new campaigns.

They optimised the campaign for the lowest cost but best audience, using interest and premium targeting, lookalike audiences and the Developer Mode Pixel. This particular addition gives brands the power to create flexible, custom event rules that enrich conversion data with parameters like revenue to track ROAS.

Spark Ads work by boosting organic videos as either In-Feed or TopView Ads, capitalising on authenticity in its purest form whilst retaining audience targeting. Users can follow the creator or brand directly by tapping the “+” button or swipe left to view their profile. And a CTA button drives users to an external landing page to discover more. 

The campaign was very successful, driving an efficient 3.36 EUR CPM and equally appealing 1.02 EUR CPC, both metrics showing how TikTok’s algorithm was able to match the ads to the right audience at scalable budgets. The conversion rate also tripled, reaching 1.4%, showing how engaged the community was with ExpressSteuer’s product. 

Sebastian Vogg, Managing Partner at VOGGSMEDIA: "TikTok's advertising solutions enabled us to help Expresssteuer scale massively on all levels. Through user generated content that connects with the audience on TikTok we established greater brand recognition and more conversions. And all along while increasing the KPIs we still were able to maintain a very efficient ad spend. We are very happy that we have contributed to making TikTok Expresssteuer’s main marketing channel. The partnership is mutually rewarding as new ideas are taken on openly because of our shared growth mindset."

Stats overview

1.4%Conversion Rate
3.36 EURCost per Mille
1.02 EURCost per Click

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